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    12 Inch Automotive Pry Bar

    Cheap 12 inch automotive pry bar with a chrome-vanadium steel bar, a plastic handle, a 30-degree angled tip head and a strike cap. Heavy duty pry bar adopts the design of piercing handle to get better strike resistance.
    SKU: T-PRYB-12IN
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    Automotive pry bar with 12 inch length, 30-degree angled tip, bar width 8mm.


    Model T-9190-12
    Weight 277.5g
    Total length 12" (310mm)
    Head shape Angled tip
    Head angle 30°
    Head width 16mm
    Bar material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Bar width 8mm
    Handle material Plastic
    Handle length 140mm
    Handle width 38mm
    Handle color Red & Black

    Automotive pry bar dimension:
    8"/12"/18"/24" automotive pry bar dimension
    Tips: How to use pry bars to change tires of electric bicycle for novice?

    1. Put down the side stand, use key to turn on the power, check whether the tire can rotate. If it can, turn off the power and remove key.
    2. Tire deflation. Novice must remove the air valve core.
    3. Press the tire to separate it from the rim until it reaches the middle groove of rim.
      Why is it pressed into the middle of the rim? Because the tire diameter is smaller than the outer diameter of the rim, but the diameter of the groove in the middle of the rim is smaller than the tire diameter. Press the tire into the middle of the ring. This operation runs through every step of the tire disassembly and tire assembly.
    4. Insert the first automotive pry bar and complete the third step before prying. Pry tire up and get it onto the shock absorber.
    5. Insert the second pry bar and complete the third step before prying. Pry tire up and get it onto the shock absorber.
    6. Insert the third pry bar and complete the third step before prying. When pry it up, the middle crowbar will usually fall off, and tire disassembly is finished.
      Note that the third step is to be done before the fourth and fifth steps, which is to press the tire into the middle of the rim. The fulcrums of the three pry bars should not be too far.
      Normal tires are easy to disassemble. If you find it very strenuous, there must be something wrong.
    7. When assemble a tire, the third step is also essential. The tire with size of 16"*2 1/8", 16"*2 1/2", 16"*3" generally do not need a pry bar, just assemble tire by hand.
    8. Don't insert the pry bar too deep, it will puncture the inner tire. Just pry into the edge. If you are afraid of breaking the inner tire, you can inflate it with little air to prevent the tire from pinching.
    9. Check whether the air valve can move freely. Check whether the inner tire is pinched. While inflating tire, check if outer tire have come out. You can also hit the outer tire with a hammer and other tools to stretch the inner tire. The sideline of the outer tire should be parallel and concentric with the rim.
    10. Finally screw back the air cap.
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    Alessandro | 10/29/2020 7:09 AM
    Can a car crowbar pry a big tree?
    I haven't bought your product yet, but I want to ask whether this car crowbar can pry big trees?
    A manager responded to this review
    Glad you are interested in our products. No, the car crowbar cannot be used to pry a big tree. Its rod is very thin, and it will break when it is pried beyond what it can bear. If it is a small wooden stick, it can still be used. I hope my answer can help you solve the problem.