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    24 Inch Automotive Pry Bar

    24" automotive pry bar with a 30-degree angled tip is more ergonomic to operate. Favorable price heavy duty pry bar, 24" (610mm) total length, 10mm bar width, chrome-vanadium steel material, nonskid plastic handle, good for choice.
    SKU: T-PRYB-24IN
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    Automotive pry bar with 24 inch length, 30-degree angled tip, bar width 10mm.


    Model T-9190-24
    Weight 555g
    Total length 24" (610mm)
    Head shape Angled tip
    Head angle 30°
    Head width 20mm
    Bar material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Bar width 10mm
    Handle material Plastic
    Handle length 140mm
    Handle width 38mm
    Handle color Red & Black

    Automotive pry bar dimension:
    8"/12"/18"/24" automotive pry bar dimension
    Tips: How to use a pry bar to remove truck tires?

    1. First, clean the tires thoroughly.
    2. Lubricate the grooves of bolts and nuts.
    3. Place the lock ring of the wheel upwards, release the tire air. Remove the air nozzle after the inner tube tire is fully deflated. Make a matching mark on the tire and rim.
      Note: The tire air must be deflated completely to avoid accidental injury in subsequent operations.
    4. Press down the tire and insert the straight guide vane between the rim ring and the tire, and press down the tire edge. Insert the guide vane at the formed gap, so that the end of the guide vane is supported in the rim ring, and the shaft head rests on the straight guide vane plate.
    5. Remove the tapered edge strip of the lock ring, press down the tire edge, while moving the straight guide vane and curved guide vane along the circumference of the wheel, remove the tapered edge strip of the lock ring from the tire.
    6. Carefully insert the automotive pry bar. Take out the lock ring, insert the end of the straight guide vane into the slot of the lock ring, and press the lock ring out of the slot. Lift up the lock ring, support the curved guide vane in the rim ring, and insert the end of the straight guide vane into the lower end of the lock ring. Hold the lock ring with hand, and use the straight guide vane to remove the lock ring from the groove of rim.
    7. The one side of tire is successfully peeled off.
    8. Put down the tire, take out the rim ring, and turn the tire to the other side. Remove the side of the tire from the wheel rim with the help of straight guide vanes and curved guide vanes. And then put the tire upright, first take out all the rim from the tire, and use a hammer along the locking part of tire decisively knocks the wheel out of the tire. If there is an inner tire, take out it.
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