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    18 Inch Automotive Pry Bar

    18 inch heavy duty pry bar for wholesale. Best automotive pry bar features an angled tip with 30-degree head angle & protective cap, a squre bar with 10mm width and a non-slip plastic handle, can withstand heavy strike.
    SKU: T-PRYB-18IN
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    Automotive pry bar with 18 inch length, 30-degree angled tip, bar width 10mm.


    Model T-9190-18
    Weight 430g
    Total length 18" (455mm)
    Head shape Angled tip
    Head angle 30°
    Head width 20mm
    Bar material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Bar width 10mm
    Handle material Plastic
    Handle length 140mm
    Handle width 38mm
    Handle color Red & Black

    Automotive pry bar dimension:
    8"/12"/18"/24" automotive pry bar dimension
    Tips: Applications of pry bar
    The application range of pry bar: Pry bar is used to pry rotating component or pry open junction surface. It can also be used for shaping the workpiece. When in use, use a certain point on the crowbar as the fulcrum (if the pry bar has an angled tip, use the bending point as the fulcrum.), apply force at one end of the crowbar to make the object at the other end rotate around the fulcrum and pry up. Crowbars cannot be used in place of copper rods and cannot be used on soft material junction surface.
    In auto repair shops, pry bars are often used to replace tires.
    In addition, the crowbar is also very useful for repairing car dents.
    After correcting the depression, since the space inside the metal plate is narrow and the manual iron cannot be used, a pry bar can be conveniently used instead of the manual iron. Insert the pry bar from the gap into the recesses of various shapes or the inside of the deformed body panel, and then hit the pry bar surface with a hammer. At this time, the automotive pry bar is padded on the concave or convex surface, and the hammer is hit on the pry bar to form an indirect force. It can also be used to disperse the impact of the hammer.

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    Bobby | 2/3/2021 8:28 AM
    Sturdy automotive pry bar
    Employees of auto repair shops always use automotive pry bar when changing tires. The company purchased a batch of automotive pry bar from, which have non-slip plastic handles that can withstand heavy blows and effectively ensure the safety of employees.