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    15 Inch Flat Automotive Pry Bar

    15 inch automotive pry bar for tire changing and repair is made of chrome-vanadium steel. Low price flat crowbar with a flat head and a plastic handle, head width 25mm, bar diamerter 10mm, bar length 262mm, handle width 40mm, handle length 118mm.
    SKU: T-PRYB-15IN
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    Automotive pry bar with length 15 inch, flat head width 25mm, bar diameter 10mm.


    Model T-9190-15
    Weight 268g
    Total length 15" (380mm)
    Head shape Flat
    Head width 25mm
    Bar material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Bar length 262mm
    Bar diameter 10mm
    Handle material Plastic
    Handle length 118mm
    Handle width 40mm
    Handle color Red & Black

    Automotive pry bar dimension:
    15 inch flat automotive pry bar dimension
    Tips: What is a pry bar?
    A pry bar is a tool that uses the principle of leverage to allow heavy objects to overcome gravity and lift them from the ground to cause displacement. Pry bars are divided into flat pry bars, hexagonal bars and round bars. The flat pry bars are in the difference of length and thickness, and most of them are used as automotive tire repair tools. Hexagonal bars and round bars can be processed as: round at two ends, flat at two ends, or round at one end and flat at one end. They can be used as construction tools or hardware tools. The round pry bar can also be used as a vehicle-mounted tool. The pry bar can also be used in the overhaul and maintenance of railway tracks. The pry bar does not need to use nailing pads in the process of railway maintenance operations. It can be widely used on ordinary wooden sleeper rails and wooden sleeper turnouts. The nail nipping effect is good. The pry bar improves the work efficiency and achieves the purpose of safety, time saving and labor saving.

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