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    8 Inch Automotive Pry Bar

    8" heavy duty pry bar for sale, features a 30-degree angled tip to enter narrow gap and a strike cap to protect chrome-vanadium steel bar. Best automotive pry bar with a non-slip handle can be used for tire changing/repair.
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    Automotive pry bar with 8 inch length, 30-degree angled tip, bar width 5mm.


    Model T-9190-8
    Weight 117g
    Total length 8" (205mm)
    Head shape Angled tip
    Head angle 30°
    Head width 11mm
    Bar material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Bar width 5mm
    Handle material Plastic
    Handle length 110mm
    Handle width 30mm
    Handle color Red & Black

    Automotive pry bar dimension:
    8"/12"/18"/24" automotive pry bar dimension
    Tips: Points for attention when using pry bars in factory

    1. Before use, check the pry bar for cracks and burrs. If there are any, it is forbidden to use the pry bar.
    2. The fulcrum of the crowbar should be close to the heavy object, and the fulcrum should be cushioned with hard stones or iron blocks, and there should be a certain contact area to prevent the fulcrum from slipping off.
    3. It is forbidden for two people to use the same pry bar together.
    4. Use moderate force to prevent squeezing hands and feet, and prevent object flying and hurting people.
    5. Multi-person operations should be directed by a dedicated person, and the actions should be consistent.
    6. It is forbidden to stretch your hands and feet under the prying object before it is solid by Iron block.
    7. It is forbidden to withdraw from the work site before the prying object is cushioned or has not been confirmed to be stable.
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    Kiel | 10/27/2020 7:24 AM
    This 8 inch car crowbar exceeded my expectations
    This 8 inch car crowbar came last week. The handle is very comfortable. Compared with the old crowbar without a handle, it feels very comfortable to use. They are very sturdy, after a whole day of use, there is no trace of use.