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    12V Fuel Injector Tester, 4 Pulse Modes

    Portable fuel injector tester for wholesale, DC 12V working voltage, 200mA working current, 4 pulse modes (short pulse/ medium puse/ long pulse/ continuous mode), 2 cables for car battery and injector connection.
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    DC 12V fuel injector tester can detect fuel injector in-line without disassembly. The power supply comes from automotive battery by a 3m battery cable. Another 1m injector cable is used for tester and fuel injector connection.


    Model T-ADD260
    Shipping weight 1kg
    Size (L*W*H) 125*81*30mm
    Working voltage 12VDC (car battery)
    Working current 200mA
    Pulse mode a) Short pulse injection 250ms
    b) Medium pulse injection 3.5ms, duty cycle 1/4 for 100 times
    c) Long pulse injection 7ms, duty cycle 1/4 for 50 times
    d) Continuous injection 7ms, duty cycle 1/4
    Working temperature -10~+40℃ (14~104℉)
    Storage temperature -20~+60℃ (-4~+140℉)
    Packing included 1 * injector tester
    1 * battery cable (3m)
    1 * injector cable (1m)

    Tips: Why automotive injectors need to be checked?
    The automotive fuel injector is like a simple solenoid valve. When the solenoid coil is energized, suction is generated. The needle valve is sucked up and the injection hole is opened. The fuel is ejected at high speed through the annular gap between the shaft of the needle valve head and the injection hole. The formation of mist is conducive to full combustion of fuel.
    When the fuel injector fails, the car may have following phenomenon:

    1. The car body shakes a bit when starting.
    2. The instability of the precision components of the electronic injection system will result in a sharp fall in power performance.
    3. The engine idling is unstable, fuel consumption increases, and exhaust emissions deteriorate.

    When the above situation occurs, the fuel injector should be detected. Use the fuel injector tester to check the condition of fuel injection. If the fuel injector doesn't inject fuel, it must be broken. If the atomization of one fuel injector is significantly worse than the other fuel injectors, it is also a bad injector. It's time to clean the fuel injector or replace a new one.

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    Johnny | 1/6/2021 1:49 AM
    Tester for easy detection of injector failure
    I have always wanted to buy such a fuel injector tester, because my car's fuel injectors are always malfunctioning. I saw this fuel injector tester on website. It has a compact size and weight. It is very light and does not take up any personal space on the car, making it easy to carry.