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    Ultrasonic Injector Tester and Cleaner, 4 Cylinder

    4 cylinder fuel injector tester and cleaner for various car fuel injector, 12 kinds of test & cleaning functions, 110~240VAC working voltage, dual LED display, 28kHz ultrasonic cleaning frequency, simulated engine speed including idling, medium speed and high speed.
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    4 cylinder fuel injector tester and cleaner integrates speed/atomization testing and ultrasonic cleaning functions. It can simulate the working conditions of the fuel injector when the engine is accelerating and decelerating. It can detect the atomization status of fuel injector and the amount of fuel injection in different speed.


    Model T-MST-30
    Shipping weight 25kg
    Size of tester 580*540*495mm
    Working voltage AC 110V~240V±10%
    Working frequency 50Hz±0.5Hz
    Power <200W
    Range of speed 0~7500rpm (idling speed 750rpm, medium speed 4000rpm, high speed 7500rpm)
    Number of injection 0~9900times (minimum unit: 100times)
    PWM pulse width 0~20.0ms (minimum unit: 0.1ms)
    Ultrasonic cleaning time 0~20 minutes (adjustable)
    Ultrasonic cleaning power 70W
    Ultrasonic cleaning frequency 28kHz±0.5kHz
    System pressure 0~0.6MPa (adjustable)
    Capacity of tank 2000ml
    Capacity of measuring cylinder 60ml
    Display Upper 4 digit LED shows function/pulse width adjustment
    Lower 4 digit LED shows working time/injecting time
    Function 01 Ultrasonic cleaning
    02 Idling test (0~20ms)
    03 Medium speed test (0~7.5ms)
    04 High speed test (0~4ms)
    05 Accelerating test
    06 Shifting speed test
    07 Leakage test
    08 Idle speed atomization test
    09 Middle speed atomization test
    10 High speed atomization test
    11 Reverse flushing
    12 No-disassembly cleaning
    13 Unit information
    Working environment Environment temperature: 10~30℃ (50~86℉)
    Relative humidity: <85%
    External magnetic field strength: <400A/m
    Open fires are not allowed.
    Packing included 1 * injector tester
    4 * connectors
    3 * stoppers
    1 * oil circuit board
    1 * pressure gauge
    2 * strainers
    1 * power cable
    2 * long screws
    2 * nuts

    Tips: What is the no-disassembly cleaning method of the fuel injector?
    Nowadays, the cleaning of fuel injector can be done by the "no-disassembly cleaning", which is to clean the oil circuit. It's a method that can clean the fuel injector at the same time as the oil circuit is cleaned. The way is to pour the cleaning agent into the injector tester and cleaner, connect the injector cleaner to the fuel pipe of the engine, disconnect the gasoline pump, start the engine, and idle for more than 15 minutes until the cleaning agent used up.
    There is no certain mileage requirement to clean the fuel injector. It depends on the working condition of the automotive engine. Some cars may be needed to clean when reaching 40,000 kilometers, some cars may reach 80,000 kilometers, and some cars may not need to be cleaned when reaching 100,000 kilometers. As long as the gasoline is clean and the vehicle speed can be kept high while driving, the fuel injectors can be cleaned after a long mileage.

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    Dominic | 12/28/2020 2:55 AM
    Good ultrasonic injector tester and cleaner
    I like my new car very much, so I need to wash the car every day. As the weather is getting colder and colder, I bought this cleaner. It has an ultrasonic cleaning function and can wash the car quickly.