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    Ultrasonic Injector Tester and Cleaner, 6 Cylinder

    Fuel injector tester and cleaner with wholesale price, simulated engine speed 10~9990rpm, PWM pulse width 0.5~25.0ms, ultrasonic cleaning power 100W, adjustable cleaning time 1~9999s, 4700ml capacity, suitable for all kinds of fuel injectors.
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    6 cylinder fuel injector tester and cleaner is a mechatronics device that combines ultrasonic cleaning technology and microcomputer closed-loop control cleaning and detection technology. It can simulates various working conditions of the engine, cleans and detects the fuel injectors of various vehicles, and can also clean the fuel injectors and fuel supply systems without disassembly.


    Model T-CNC602A
    Shipping weight 38kg
    Size of tester 385*410*500mm
    Power supply AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz
    Input power 250W
    Range of speed 10~9990rpm (minimum unit: 10rpm)
    PWM pulse width 0.5~25.0ms (minimum unit: 0.1ms)
    Ultrasonic cleaning time 1~9999s (adjustable)
    Ultrasonic cleaning power 100W
    Capacity of tank 4700ml
    Display 4 digit LED
    Function 01 Ultrasonic cleaning
    02 Uniformity/Sprayability test
    03 Leakage test
    04 Injecting flow test
    05 Automatic cleaning test
    06 On-vehicle cleaning
    Working environment Environment temperature: 10~30℃ (50~86℉)
    Relative humidity: <85%
    External magnetic field strength: <400A/m
    Open fires are not allowed.
    Packing included 1 * injector tester
    1 * on-vehicle connector kit
    5 * stoppers
    1 * oil circuit board
    4 * screws
    2 * nuts
    1 * plug kit for BUICK injector
    2 * CNC-Pulse signal connection cable kits
    1 * power cable kit
    1 * user manual

    Tips: Operation steps of fuel injector ultrasonic cleaning

    • Cleaning steps of fuel injector spray-hole
      1. Add an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to the ultrasonic cleaning tank. Generally, the cleaning agent can be about 20mm higher than the needle valve of the injector.
      2. Turn on the power of the ultrasonic injector cleaner.
      3. Put the fuel injector on the ultrasonic cleaning strainer.
      4. Insert the pulse signal cable to the fuel injector and turn on the ultrasonic power switch.
      5. Select the ultrasonic cleaning function, then set the time (the system default value is 600 seconds), and then press the run key.
      6. During the ultrasonic cleaning process, the fuel injector will be cleaned according to the program normally open, normally closed, pulse open, etc.
      7. When this work is over, the system will automatically stop and beep with a buzzer to indicate that the ultrasonic power switch can be turned off.
      8. Take out the fuel injector from the cleaning tank and clean the cleaning agent on it with a soft cloth.
    • Cleaning steps of whole fuel injector and filter deposits
      1. Remove the strainer of the ultrasonic cleaner, and immerse the entire fuel injector in the cleaning agent.
      2. Turn on the power of the ultrasonic cleaner.
      3. Turn on the ultrasonic power switch, and the cleaning it until the fuel injector filter is thoroughly cleaned.
      4. Turn off the power, take out the fuel injector from the cleaning tank, and wipe the cleaning agent on it with a soft cloth.
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    Nan | 12/7/2020 3:03 AM
    Convenient ultrasonic jet tester and cleaner
    This ultrasonic injector tester and cleaner is great. I use it to clean and inspect the injectors of various vehicles. It can also clean the injectors and fuel supply system without disassembly, which is very convenient.