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    5.5 Inch Electric Circular Saw, 240V

    Good price electric circular saw for sale. Handheld portable. 5.5 inch (140mm) cutting blade, cutting capacity 0-45mm, bevel range 0-45°. Power supply 240V/230V, 3.1A~3.5A. Rotation speed 4000 rpm. Best quality and affordable cost.
    SKU: T-MCS-55
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    Electric circular saw has a saw blade of 5.5 inch diameter, powered by 240V AC. Sawing materials are wood and plastic. The handheld electric circular saw has compact and mini structure, small size and lightweight, easy and convenient for operation.


    Model T-CS001A T-CS001B
    Rated Voltage 240V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz
    Input Power 750W 800W
    Rated Current 3.1A, 3.3A 3.3A, 3.5A
    No-Load Speed 4000 rpm
    Blade Diameter 5.5 inch (140mm)
    Bevel Cutting Rang 0-45°
    Cutting Capacity 0-45mm
    Accessories 3 saw blades, 1 dust tube, 1 tool for saw blade change
    Color Random
    Weight 6 kg

    Electric Circular Saw Dimension Drawing

    Dimension Drawing of 5.5 Inch Electric Circular Saw, 240V

    Electric Circular Saw Details

    Details of 5.5 Inch Electric Circular Saw, 240V

    Electric Circular Saw Blade Installation

    1. Press the spindle lock switch to lock spindle.
    2. Use a wrench to rotate counterclockwise to remove pressing plate of saw blade.
    3. Insert saw blade from the counterclockwise direction of saw teeth, and install pressing ring.
    4. Put back saw blade pressing plate, and turn the screw clockwise, compress the pressing plate.

    Electric Circular Saw Blade Installation

    Tips: Preparations for using electric circular saw.

    1. Confirm that saw blade, housing, and handle of the electric circular saw are not cracked or damaged.
    2. Confirm that the cable cord and plug are intact, switch operates normally, correctly protective connect to neutral, firm and reliable.
    3. Check whether saw blade is installed firmly, bolts are tightened, and the internal and external chucks clamp saw blade tightly. Saw blade plane should be perpendicular to the horizontal axis of electric circular saw.
    4. Check whether the rotation of movable protective cover is flexible and whether it is deformed. Ensure that it will not rub against electric circular saw blade, connection is reliable, and it will not fall off during operation.
    5. Check whether the side handle of electric circular saw is installed firmly, and whether it will be loose during holding operation.
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