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    12 Inch Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 11A

    Best electric circular saw for sale. 12 inch (305mm) saw blade. Cutting capacity 0~150mm at 90°, 0~110mm at 45°. Optional rated current 11.1A for 220V or 10.2A for 240V . No-load speed 4500 rpm. High efficiency and competitive price.
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    Model T-XMY01-305
    Rated Voltage 220V (50Hz), 240V (60Hz)
    Rated Power 2450W
    Rated Current 11.1A, 10.2A
    No-Load Speed 4500 rpm
    Blade Diameter 12 inch (305mm)
    Cutting Capacity 90°: 0-150mm
    45°: 0-110mm
    Weight 8.5 kg


    • Compact structure, small size, lightweight, portable and convenient operation.
    • Sawing angle is adjustable, high accuracy and cutting speed.
    • Can sawing various material including MDF, bamboo plywood, plywood, solid wood, solid wood plate, PVC pipes, etc

    Details of Electric Circular Saw

    Details of 12 Inch Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 10~11-Amp

    Tips: Selection of corded or cordless electric circular saw.

    Saw Type Corded Circular Saw Cordless Circular Saw
    Advantages power supply is sufficient and torque is larger, which can ensure electric circular saw always works normally. More convenient to operate and carry. Less noise and more comfortable working environment.
    Failure rate is extremely low, easy to maintain and maintain.
    Disadvantages Dragging cables is cumbersome and there is a safety hazard. Battery is limited and needs to be charged in time.

    In summary, corded electric circular saws are more suitable for professionals, and cordless electric circular saws are more suitable for novices.

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