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    185mm Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 6.8A

    Cheap electric circular saw for sale. Handheld type. Cutting blade diameter 185mm (7-1/4 inch). Cutting capacity 63.5mm at 90°, 44mm at 45°. Power supply can select 6.3 Amps for 240V or 6.8 Amps for 220V. Rotating speed 6000rpm. Low price with high quality.
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    Model T-XMY03-185
    Rated Voltage 220V (50Hz), 240V (60Hz)
    Rated Power 1500W
    Rated Current 6.8A, 6.3A
    No-Load Speed 6000 rpm
    Blade Diameter 185mm (7-1/4 inch)
    Cutting Capacity 90°: 0-63.5mm
    45°: 0-44mm
    Weight 4 kg


    • Suitable for MDF, bamboo plywood, plywood, solid wood, solid wood plate, PVC pipes, etc.
    • Compact structure with small size, portable and easy to operate.
    • With large vents, three-dimensional ventilation system, efficient and rapid heat dissipation, extend life of the electric circular saw

    Electric Circular Saw Functions

    Applicable Materials of Electric Circular Saw

    Details of Electric Circular Saw

    Details of 185mm Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 6.3~6.8Amps

    Tips: Structural characteristics of electric circular saw.

    • Appearance structure of electric circular saw is top handle-type. Main compositions are motor, reduction box, protective cover, adjustment mechanism, base plate, handle, switch, non-reconnectable plug, and circular saw blade, etc.
    • Motor is single-phase universal motor. According to whether there is additional insulation between stator, rotor and ground, it can be divided into single-insulated electric circular saw and double-insulated electric circular saw.
    • Adjustment mechanism consists of depth adjustment plate, angle adjustment plate, fastening nut and bottom plate. Loosen the fastening nut to adjust bottom plate up and down to the required cutting depth. Loosen the bevel adjustment wing nut on the front of bottom plate to adjust angle. Adjust to the required angle (0°~45°), and then tighten the nut.
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