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    1/2" Electric Wood Router, 2-1/5 HP, 7.5A

    Electric wood router for sale. Maximum mill cutter diameter 1/2 inch (12.7mm), rated input power 2-1/5 hp (1650W/1600W optional), power supply 220V, 7.5A/7.3A, rated rotation speed 22000 rpm/23000 rpm. Best woodworking router machine for trimming and carving.
    SKU: T-EWRT-1650
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    The electric wood router is also a multifunctional trimmer and carving machine. It is used in fast edge trimming, slotting, unlocking keyholes, carving, engraving and milling, and other woodworking processes.


    Model T-M1R-FF02-12 M1R-FF-12
    Rated Current 7.5A 7.3A
    Rated Power 2-1/5 hp (1,650W) 2-1/5 hp (1,600W)
    Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz
    Mill Cutter Diameter 1/2 inch (12.7mm)
    No-Load Speed 22,000 rpm 23,000 rpm
    Accessories wrench*2, collet*2, linear guide*1, template guide*1, trimming guide seat*1, fixator*1 wrench*2, template guide*1, trimming guide seat*1, linear guide*1, chuck*2 (12.7mm, 6.35mm)
    Weight 6 kg


    • There are insulation protection in both inside of the electric wood router and body shell, prevent electric shock accidents caused by improper operation.
    • Electric wood router has excellent anti-overload and self-locking switch design, safe and labor-saving, high work efficiency.

    Electric Wood Router Structure Diagram

    Structure of  1/2 Inch Electric Wood Router, 1650W, 7.5A
    Structure Diagram of  1/2 Inch Electric Wood Router, 1600W, 7.3A

    Electric Wood Router Details Diagram

    Details Diagram of 1/2 inch Electric Wood Router, 2-1/5 HP, 7.5A

    Tips: How to replace milling cutter for electric wood router?

    Milling cutter of the electric wood router is installed in elastic collet, and the elastic collet is installed in the opening at the end of motor output shaft. Elastic collet is a metal sleeve with gaps along its length. After installing the milling cutter, by tightening the threaded nut, the elastic collet can clamp and wrap around the milling cutter.

    When electric wood router needs to replace milling cutter, first remove the elastic collet and clean dust on it. Electric wood router has a safe elastic collet design. Even if the elastic collet is loose, milling cutter will not fall off.

    To replace the milling cutter, first loosen elastic collet with a wrench. Then turn the nut in the opposite direction by hand until it stops. Then use a wrench to unscrew the second fastening point.

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    Arnovice | 3/16/2021 12:53 AM
    Heating condition of 1/2 inch electric wood router
    This 1/2-inch electric wood milling machine has been used for too long. Will it be hot?
    A manager responded to this review
    The heating of the 1/2 inch electric wood router is not very serious, because the heat it generates is within a reasonable range.