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    3/8" Electric Wood Router, 2.4 HP, 8.2A

    Best electric wood router for sale. Mill cutter diameter 3/8 inch (12mm), rated input power 2.4 hp (1800W), power supply 220V 8.2A, no-load speed 23000 rpm. Affordable price and high quality.
    SKU: T-EWRT-1800
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    The electric wood router has multi functions: Carry out edges, trimming, milling grooves on wood, used for wooden door processing, wooden furniture processing, handicraft production, personal DIY, etc.


    Model T-EWRT-3600
    Rated Voltage 220V
    Rated Power 2.4 HP (1,800W)
    Rated Current 8.2A
    Mill Cutter Diameter 3/8 inch (12mm)
    No-Load Speed 23,000 rpm
    Accessories guide wheel seat*1, wrench*1, linear guide ruler*1, profiling guide ruler*1, milling circle accessory*1, collet*3, carbon brush*2
    Weight 4.5 kg


    • High-power industrial electric wood router, mini size, compact structure, light weight, one-handed operation, easy to use.
    • The electric wood router has large heat dissipation window design, effectively dissipate heat in time and avoid burning. External carbon brush, convenient to replace. Fixed-base, runs stably.

    Electric Wood Router Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 3/8 inch Electric Wood Router, 2.4 HP, 8.2A

    Electric Wood Router Dimension Drawing

    Dimension Drawing of 3/8 inch Electric Wood Router, 2.4 HP, 8.2A

    Electric Wood Router Accessories Diagram

    Accessories of 3/8 inch Electric Wood Router, 2.4 HP, 8.2A

    Tips: Electric wood router use safety tips.

    • Wear protective goggles and earmuffs during the use of electric wood router.
    • When replacing the milling cutter, the power plug must be unplugged.
    • At the beginning, do shallow milling. Then in the next few milling cuts, milling depth of the milling cutter should be increased little by little, instead of trying to mill a lot of wood in one operation. Otherwise it will damage motor or milling cutter.
    • Use both hands to firmly control the electric wood router during operation.
    • When milling an edge, move electric wood router in the direction opposite to the rotation direction of milling cutter bit. In this way, the rotating force of milling cutter will not pull the electric router to move. In other words, if the milling cutter bit rotates counterclockwise, the electric router move clockwise on the edge of wood. Take the general direction around the board as a reference.
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    Paul | 8/2/2021 1:16 AM
    Pleasantly surprised
    I do plenty of woodworking projects, so sometimes I need a router. This is a very powerful 1800W router with a fixed base. It moves nicely and smoothly when following the line and makes really nice cuts. Great value for the money when used within its limits.