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    1/3" Electric Wood Router, 1-1/5 HP, 4A

    Electric wood router for sale. Applicable mill cutter max diameter 1/3 inch (8mm), rated input power 1-1/5 hp (900W), power supply 220V 4A, no-load speed 26000 rpm. Reasonable price and excellent quality, for woodworking trimming and carving.
    SKU: T-EWRT-900
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    The electric wood router integrates functions of trimmer and carving machine, small size, simple operation and portable.


    Model T-M1R-FF-8
    Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz
    Rated Power 1-1/5 hp (900W)
    Rated Current 4.1A
    Mill Cutter Diameter 1/3 inch (8mm)
    No-Load Speed 26000 rpm
    Accessories wrench*2, linear guide*1, template guide*1, trimming guide seat*1
    Weight 2.9 kg


    • Excellent anti-overload performance.
    • Both inside of the machine and body shell are insulated to prevent electric shock accidents caused by improper operation.
    • Self-locking switch design, safe and labor-saving, high work efficiency.

    Structure Diagram of Electric Wood Router

    Structure Diagram of 1/3 inch Electric Wood Router, 1-1/5 HP, 4A

    Details Diagram

    Details of 1/3 Inch Electric Wood Router, 1-1/5 HP, 4 Amps

    Tips: How to use electric wood router for grooving and milling?

    1. Insert milling cutter into the chuck of electric wood router.
    2. Tighten the collet nut with a wrench to hold the milling cutter in place.
    3. Set the initial machining depth. Place electric wood router on a flat surface and release the lock lever. Press down electric router until drill bit touches the surface, and then tighten the lock lever.
    4. Set cutting depth. Set depth limiter to the depth to be cut. Then release the lock lever again until electric wood router can be lifted.
    5. Start electric wood router and make it run at full speed. Then hold down the two handles and lower milling cutter to make contact with wood.
    6. Cutting depth and wood hardness determine the cutting speed.
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