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    1/4" Electric Trim Router, 600W, 5.5A

    Electric trim router for woodworking. Chuck diameter 1/4 inch (6.35mm), rated power 600W (0.8 hp) or 450W (0.6 hp) for selection, power supply 5.5A/4.1A for 110V, 2.7A/2.0A for 220V, no-load speed 10000 rpm. Best wood router tool with low price.
    SKU: T-ETRT-600
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    Multifunctional electric edge trimmer and router, mini size, lightweight, can operate it by hand easily. High power, high efficiency, can be used for wood trimming, slotting, drilling, etc.


    Model T-MT-370
    Rated Voltage 110V, 220V
    Body Material aluminum plastic
    Rated Power 600W 450W
    Rated Current 110V 5.5A 4.1A
    220V 2.7A 2.0A
    Chuck Diameter 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    No-Load Speed 10000 rpm
    Weight 1.7 kg 1.5 kg

    Dimension Drawing of Electric Trim Router

    600W Aluminum Body 450W Plastic Body
    Dimension Drawing of 1/4 inch Electric Trim Router, 600W, 5.5A Dimension Drawing of 1/4 inch Electric Trim Router, 450W, 4.1A

    Details Diagram of Electric Trim Router

    Details Diagram of 1/4 inch Electric Trim Router, 600W/450W

    Tips: 3 milling methods for electric trim router.

    • Parallel milling. Parallel milling is to mill out a straight blade edge for the workpiece.
      Width adjustment: Use a ruler, tool bit or guide track to contact the workpiece. Read the scale on ruler, move the parallel guide track a certain distance according to the scale, and then tighten the knob. Assemble the ruler on the cylinder of parallel guide track and make it can move in parallel on the cylinder.
    • Milling round surface. Milling a round surface means milling a perfect circle surface on the workpiece. Before operation, fix the center pin to the parallel guide track and tighten it with knob.
    • Curve milling. Curve milling is to mill out a specific curved surface on the workpiece. This operation requires the help of trim guide track to maintain a precise distance on the curved workpiece. Use two bolts and nuts to assemble trim guide track on parallel guide track.
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