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    20 Gauge 3/16" Narrow Crown Air Stapler

    Favorable price fine wire narrow crown air stapler for sale, accepts 20 gauge in thickness, 3/16 inch crown staples. Pneumatic staple gun powered by air compressor, 1/4 inch air inlet, working pressure 60 - 100 PSI, used for upholstery, leather and seat cushion.
    SKU: T-NCAS-20G
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    20 gauge fine wire 3/16" narrow crown air stapler made from aluminum alloy has long time service. It has such advantages as low air consumption, low noise, fast nailing, strong power and rapid air return.


    Model T-NCAS-20G
    Staple Thickness 20 Gauge, 1.2mm * 0.6mm, (0.047") * (0.024")
    Staple Crown 3/16" (5.2mm)
    Staple Length 3/8" - 7/8" (10 - 22mm)
    Working Pressure 60 - 100 PSI (0.4 - 0.7 Mpa)
    Load Capacity 100 PCS
    Air Inlet 1/4 inch
    Body Dimension 206 * 185 * 67mm
    Net Weight 1.3kg


    Positioning Hook: 20 gauge air stapler positioning hook processed by heat treatment helps you punch staples out accurately.
    Metal Air Outlet: Narrow crown pneumatic staple gun has a metal air outlet that is held in place by four large screws, which has long time service.
    Staple Magazine: The staple magazine of air staple gun is made from aluminum alloy allowing the air tool durable and lightweight.

    Detail of 20 Gauge 3/16 inch Narrow Crown Air Staple Gun


    Fine wire air staple guns are mainly used for upholstery, furniture and rattan furniture, such as fastening from sofa cloth and leather to cushion of automobile and motorcycle.

    20 Gauge 3/16 inch Narrow Crown- Air Stapler Application 1 20 Gauge 3/16 inch Narrow Crown Air Stapler Application 2

    Tips: Air Stapler Working Principle

    The body of the air stapler consists of gun body, air cylinder, balance valve, switch assembly, firing pin assembly, buffer pad, nozzle (staple outlet) and aluminum alloy staple slot. The fine wire narrow crow pneumatic staple gun is powered by air compressor, which make good use of the difference between compressed air and atmospheric pressure to prompt the firing pin to do reciprocating motion in the air cylinder through pressing the starting switch. The staple slot is made up of nozzle, cover, fixed slot and activity slot, which delivers the staples into the staple slot through pressing and pulling the slot spring. When the firing pin comes out of the nozzle, the staple is punched out.

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