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    10 Piece Lever Dent Puller Kit

    10 piece lever dent puller kit contains a 16" lever dent pull, a 11" metal rod and 8 plastic tabs with detachable ring, applying to irregular dent or large dent removal. Stainless steel lever dent pull features adjustable structure, maximum length 40cm (16").
    SKU: T-PDR-K2
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    Lever dent puller is the best auto body repair tool for irregular dent and large dent. The ring on the top of tab can be taken down and installed in lever dent puller. It is very easy to adjust the width of the lever. The number of tabs is decided by the shape of dent.


    Basic Model T-PDR-K2
    Weight 1kg
    Applicable type of dent Smooth dent with large area, irregular dent
    Packing included 1 * lever dent puller
    1 * rod
    8 * glue tabs
    Lever dent pull Maximum length 40cm (16")
    Material Stainless steel, plastic
    Rod Length 27.2cm (11")
    Width 4cm (1-1/2")
    Tab Number of tab 2 * 1 ring, 2 * 2 rings, 2 * 3 rings, 2 * 4 rings
    Size 1 ring: 2.5*4cm
    2 rings: 5*4cm
    3 rings: 7.8*4cm
    4 rings: 10*4cm
    Color Blue
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