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    Air Nipper, Cutting 12mm Soft Plastic

    Economical price air nipper for sale online. Designed for 12mm soft plastic and 10mm hard plastic cutting. 584cm³/ cycle air consumption, 73-87psi operating air pressure. Multi-function air shear, saves the time and labor reduction.
    SKU: T-HS30-F9P
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    Cost-effective cutting air tool for cutting soft/ hard plastic. An attractive pneumatic scissor, widely used in electronics, instruments, meters and other industries. The alloy steel cutter head can be replaced and removed.


    Model T-HS30-F9P
    Maximum Cutting Capacity

    12mm Soft Plastic

    10mm Hard Plastic

    Air Consumption 584cm³/ cycle
    Operating Air Pressure 73-87psi
    Applied Pressure 2740N
    Recommended Hose Inner Diameter 5mm
    Applicable Hose Size 5*8mm
    Overall Length 250mm
    Net Weight 0.93kg
    Package Weight 1.2kg


    Details of air nipper which cuts 12mm soft plastic A. overall length: 148mm
    B. thickness: 17mm
    E. working length of blade: 37mm
    F. working angle of blade: 15°
    G. V-shaped upper end: 18mm
    H. V-shaped bottom end: 8mm
    I. maximum width of knife arm: 43mm
    J. maximum thickness of knife arm: 13mm
    K. minimum thickness of knife arm: 3mm
    L. front end length of screw hole: 65mm
    width of closed shear: 37mm
    extending length: 55mm

    Installation of air nipper blade

    1. Put the blade into the air nipper body.
    2. Align the bolt and put it in.
    3. Tighten the nut.

    Installation of air nipper blade

    Tips: How to choose pneumatic scissors?

    Pneumatic scissor is a very practical cutting tool and plays an important role in many aspects. For example, when cutting copper wire, iron wire, soft rubber, and hard rubber, air shear is used. The air nipper tool is simple and practical, which provides convenience for life and production. Of course, the quality of air scissors will affect work efficiency and economic results. How can we choose a suitable air scissor? First of all, pneumatic cutter must have a good enough blade. The blade is the core part of a pneumatic cutter. Only if the blade is good enough can the material be cut smoothly. A high-quality pneumatic scissor should have a sharp blade, and the blade must be strong enough, that is to say, it can work with larger air pressure. Secondly, pneumatic nipper is used to cut things, so when choosing pneumatic nippers, you should consider whether the pneumatic scissors can achieve the cutting purpose. Since pneumatic scissors are often used to cut some special materials, these special materials may be very hard, so it should be considered whether the blade is wear-resistant and whether the cutting ability of pneumatic scissors meets the demand.

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