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    Air Nipper, Cutting 2.6mm Copper Wire

    Best pneumatic nipper for sale, maximum cutting capacity is 2.6mm, can cut 2.6mm copper wire, 2.0mm iron wire, 1.6mm soft stainless steel wire. Alloy steel air scissor blade, sharp and strong. Hand-held pneumatic air nipper tool, light and efficient.
    SKU: T-HS20-S5
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    Good price air scissor, used for shearing copper/ iron/ soft stainless steel wires. Aircraft aluminum body, compressive and durable, safer to use than normal hand-held scissors. 230cm³/cycle air consumption, 73-87psi operating air pressure.


    Model T-HS20-S5
    Maximum Cutting Capacity

    2.6mm Copper Wire

    2.0mm Iron Wire

    1.6mm Soft Stainless Steel Wire

    Air Consumption 230cm³/cycle
    Operating Air Pressure 73-87psi
    Applied Pressure 1370N
    Air Inlet Size 3/8 Inch
    No Load Speed 800rpm
    Frequency 50Hz
    Applicable Hose Size 5*8mm
    Overall Length 195mm
    Net Weight 0.49kg
    Package Weight 1.2kg


    Details of air nipper for cutting 2.6mm copper wire A. overall length: 95mm
    B. thickness: 12mm
    E. working length of blade: 22mm
    F. working angle of blade: 30°
    G. V-shaped upper end: 8mm
    H. V-shaped bottom end: 4mm
    I. maximum width of knife arm: 27mm
    J. maximum thickness of knife arm: 12mm
    K. minimum thickness of knife arm: 1mm
    L. front end length of screw hole: 34mm
    width of closed shear: 24mm
    extending length: 26mm

    Installation of air nipper blade

    1. Put the blade into the air nipper body.
    2. Align the bolt and put it in.
    3. Tighten the nut.

    Installation of air nipper blade

    Tips: What should you pay attention to when using an air nipper for cutting copper wire?

    • Note that the pneumatic air nipper should use the working pressure within the specified range (73-87 psi). If the working pressure is too low, it will affect the cutting ability of the air scissor blade. If the working pressure is too high, it will easily cause damage to the air scissor blade and rupture of the internal piston of the pneumatic scissor.
    • The center screw between the blade of the pneumatic nipper body is made of special material, so no substitutes can be used instead. Or it will result in "reaming" of the screw holes of the pneumatic nipper body and cause damage to the blade of the pneumatic nipper, and the pneumatic nipper body cannot be used again after reaming.
    • Do not use air cutters to cut copper wires that exceed the maximum cutting capacity of 2.6 mm.
    • Turn off the air pressure before replacing the blades of the air nippers, and avoid "invalid cut" of the air nippers.
    • Avoid falling of the pneumatic nipper body and blade.
    • Do not refit the air scissor blade at will, so as not to reduce the service life.
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