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    How to Use a Belt Sander?
    Belt sander is a powerful electric tool commonly used in industrial, commercial and personal projects. Belt sander is usually suitable for roughing to finishing processing stage. However, only professional woodworkers with rich experience can use belt sander for finishing, and beginners are more suitable for roughing. Compared with electric saws or electric drills, belt sander is safer, but there are still many things to pay attention to when using it.
    Latest Price for Belt Sander
    Belt sander is a small sanding machine, there are handheld belt sander and stationary belt sander (bench belt sander). Belt sander is a common woodworking tool that can be used to remove excess parts of material surface and reduce roughness. The main working principle of belt sander is the continuous circulation of sanding belt. Belt sander uses a completely looped abrasive belt, while disc/orbital/finishing sander uses a static abrasive belt. The sanding belt is installed in the shell of belt sander. It surrounds the driving wheel of electric motor at the rear and the free-slip guide wheel at the front. Tension control and alignment guides keep the sanding belt from shifting, while the motor drives the sanding belt to move forward. In this article, you can get the latest price of belt sander, belt & disc sander and pipe belt sander. Belt sander for wholesale is available, please check the price list or our website.