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    Latest Price for Belt Sander

    Belt sander is a small sanding machine, there are handheld belt sander and stationary belt sander (bench belt sander). Belt sander is a common woodworking tool that can be used to remove excess parts of material surface and reduce roughness. In this article, you can get the latest price of belt sander, belt &  disc sander and pipe belt sander.

    The main working principle of belt sander is the continuous circulation of sanding belt. Belt sander uses a completely looped abrasive belt, while disc/orbital/finishing sander uses a static abrasive belt. The sanding belt is installed in the shell of belt sander. It surrounds the driving wheel of electric motor at the rear and the free-slip guide wheel at the front. Tension control and alignment guides keep the sanding belt from shifting, while the motor drives the sanding belt to move forward.

    Belt Sander Selection

    • Sanding BeltBelt Sander Price List of
      A small belt sander fits 3 x 18 inch sanding belts. Medium to large belt sanders use 3 x 21 inch belts. The belt sander with 4-inch sanding belt is a heavy-duty machine, most suitable for furniture and cabinet manufacturers.
    • Dust Collection
      Dust will inevitably be generated during the grinding process. Choosing a belt sander with dust collection bag is more conducive to the health and safety of users.
    • Speed
      Many electric belt sanders have variable speed control, allowing you to adjust the belt speed during the sanding process. Perform cautious preliminary work at a slow speed and run at a leveling speed for high polishing.
    • Trigger Lock
      Some belt sanders have a locking function, which can lock the belt sander in motion so that you can release your hands. You can also lock the trigger to the running setting and clamp it to keep it still while feeding work into the belt or disc.

    Belt Sander Latest Price List

    Product Name SKU Sanding Belt Size Rated Current Price
    5.5Amp 3 x 18 Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander T-EBS-318S 3 x 18 inch (76 x 457mm) 5.5A $107.38
    4.5Amp 3 x 21 Inch Belt Sander T-EBS-321 3 x 21 inch (76 x 533mm) 4.5A $109.54
    4Amp 3 x 21 Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander T-EBS-321S 3 x 21 inch (76 x 533mm) 4A $192.31
    7Amp 4 x 24 Inch Belt Sander T-EBS-424 4 x 24 inch (100 x 610mm) 7A $139.70
    9Amp 4 x 24 Inch Heavy Duty Belt Sander T-EBS-424H 4 x 24 inch (100 x 610mm) 9A $157.85
    4.5Amp 4 x 24 Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander T-EBS-424S 4 x 24 inch (100 x 610mm) 4.5A $219.15
    5.5/11Amp 4-1/3 x 24 Inch Belt Sander T-EBS-41324 4-1/3 x 24 inch (110 x 610mm) 5.5A, 11A $243.62

    Belt and Disc Sander

    Belt and disc sander is essentially a type of belt sander, which is a combo of belt sander and disc sander. Compared to a handheld belt sander, Belt and Disc Sander Price List of Tool.combelt & disc sander has a larger size and higher price. It is a bench sander that can be used on workbench or on the floor. Sanding belt is used to flatten the surface and edges of material, shape the contour and smooth the internal curve. Sanding disc is suitable for precise edge processing, such as fitting miter and trimming external curves.

    Belt and Disc Sander Selection

    • Motor Power
      For an electric tool, motor power is very important. Rated power of a 5.5 Amp motor is better than that of a 2.0 Amp motor.
    • Sanding Disc Size
      Usually, people who buy a belt and disc sander will use sanding disc more, which makes its size very important. Compared with the 6-inch sanding disc, a 10-inch sanding disc provides more space and practicality.
    • Sanding Belt Size
      In addition to the sanding disc, size of the matching sanding belt is also very important. For a belt and disc sander, common sanding belt sizes are 1 x 30, 4 x 36, 6 x 48 inch. The larger the size, the more grinding space can be provided.

    Belt and Disc Sander Latest Price List

    Product Name SKU Sanding Belt Size Sanding Disc Diameter Rated Power Price
    1 x 30 Inch Belt and 5 Inch Disc Sander T-EBS-1305 1 x 30 inch (25*762mm) 5 inch (125mm) 2/5 hp (300W) $203.31
    4 x 36 Inch Belt and 6 Inch Disc Sander T-EBS-4366 4 x 36 inch (100 x 914mm) 6 inch (150mm) 1/2 hp (450W) $289.92
    3/4 hp (550W) $394.77
    4/5 hp (600W) $456.30
    4 x 36 Inch Belt and 8 Inch Disc Sander T-EBS-4368 4 x 36 inch (100 x 914mm) 8 inch (200mm) 1-1/5 hp (900W) $586.15
    6 x 48 Inch Belt and 9 Inch Disc Sander T-EBS-6489 6 x 48 inch (150*1220mm) 9 inch (230mm) 1 hp (750W) $842.46
    6 x 48 Inch Belt and 10 Inch Disc Sander T-EBS-64810 6 x 48 inch (150*1220mm) 10 inch (250mm) 1-1/2 hp (1200W) $874.62

    Pipe Belt Sander

    Pipe belt sander is a special type of belt sander, which is composed of 2 or 3 guide wheels and a sanding belt. Pipe belt sander is handheld, mainly used for sanding, drawing, polishing and mirror effect treatment for round steel pipes, stainless steel pipes and other metal round pipes. The handheld pipe belt sander has a higher price than ordinary belt sanders.

    Pipe Belt Sander Price List of

    Pipe Belt Sander Latest Price List

    Product Name SKU Sanding Belt Size Rated Current Price
    1.6 x 24" Handheld Pipe Belt Sander, 3.6A T-EBS-3025 1.6 x 24 inch (40*620mm) 3.6A $358.77
    1.6 x 30" Handheld Pipe Belt Sander, 7.3A T-EBS-30253 1.6 x 30 inch (40*760mm) 7.3A, 3.6A $365.62
    Product Name SKU Sanding Belt Size Battery Price
    1.6 x 24" Cordless Pipe Belt Sander, 21V T-EBS-3016 1.6 x 24 inch (40*620mm) 21V 4.0Ah $477.54
    1.6 x 30" Cordless Pipe Belt Sander, 21V T-EBS-30163 1.6 x 30 inch (40*760mm) 21V 4.0Ah $484.38

    As shown in the price list above, our latest price is so affordable for you and we provide the best belt sander for your needs. Wholesale is available, please check the price list and our website. Welcome to contact with us!

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