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    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 0.5/1.0/1.5 kgf

    Brushless electric screwdriver for low torque. Torque range can select 0.15-0.5/0.2-1.0/0.3-1.5 Accuracy ±0.1%, variable no-load speed 500-1000rpm. Applicable bit φ4. Input voltage DC 22V. Good price and high precision.
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    Cheap electric screwdriver for sale, powered by brushless motor. It is the best power screwdriver for low torque adjusting applications (0.15-1.5 kgf). Small size and high precision.

    Electric Screwdriver Specification

    Model T-GA-0.5 T-GA-1.0 T-GA-1.5
    Input Voltage DC 22V
    Torque Range 0.15-0.5 0.2-1.0 0.3-1.5 0.130-0.434 0.174-0.868 0.260-1.302
    N.m 0.015-0.049 0.020-0.098 0.029-0.147
    Torque Accuracy ±0.1%
    Torque Adjustment stepless
    Torque Adjustment Mode internal debugging
    Start Method hand press/downward press
    No-load Speed 500-1000rpm
    No-load Current 0.15A
    Weight 92g
    Applicable Bit φ4
    Applicable Screw Diameter (mm) Mechanical Tooth 1.0-1.5 1.0-2.0 1.0-2.0
    Self-tacking Tooth 1.0-1.4 1.0-1.7 1.0-1.7

    Power Controller Specification

    Input Voltage AC 100V-250V
    Output Voltage 22V
    Output Current 0.8A
    External Dimension 95*53*37mm
    Weight 60g


    • The brushless electric screwdriver uses pen-type hand-held design, lightweight and impact-resistant. It can freely lock screws 360°.
    • Adjustable torque, accurate torque setting and high precision.
    • Brushless electric screwdriver is built-in magnetic induction stop device, high sensitivity. Instantaneous braking, low impact force, not easy to damage.
    • Power adapter provides dual voltage 110V~250V working environment, convenient and safe to use.

    Brushless Electric Screwdriver Dimension Drawing

    Dimension Drawing of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 0.5/1.0/1.5 kgf

    Torque Curve Diagram

    Torque Curve Diagram of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 0.5/1.0/1.5 kgf

    Tips: How to avoid brushless electric screwdriver failure?

    1. Be careful not to bump or drop the brushless electric screwdriver, and it is strictly forbidden to hit it, otherwise it will cause motor noise and screwdriver shaking.
    2. When unplugging the connection plug of brushless electric screwdriver and power controller, take the plug base as force point. Do not pull the wire forcefully to avoid damage to connection plug.
    3. If brushless electric screwdriver shakes too much when working, it must be stopped and repaired in time.
    4. If the torque of brushless electric screwdriver is too small to meet requirements, stop using it and replace the electric screwdriver with high torque in time.
    5. When press power button, if the brushless electric screwdriver cannot be turned due to too little torque, this situation should be controlled within 10 seconds to avoid damage to the internal motor.
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    Johnf | 9/15/2020 1:59 AM
    Beautifully designed brushless electric screwdriver
    Well-designed brushless electric screwdriver. Lightweight and powerful, it can be screwed in or removed by just pressing in the screw, or you can manually tighten the screw by yourself. The charging speed is fast, and it can repair small-scale houses and furniture. It is also very simple to use. By selecting the center position of the forward/backward slide switch to cut off the power to the device, you can use it like a normal handheld screwdriver.