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    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 10/15/20/25 kgf

    Brushless electric screwdriver for medium torque. Adjustable torque range can select 1-10/2/15/3-20/5/25 Accuracy ±3%, no-load speed 1000rpm variable. Applicable bit Ф5/H5/H6.35. Input voltage 30V DC. Reasonable price and high precision.
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    Best brushless electric screwdriver for sale. It is a small electric screwdriver for medium torque adjustment requirement. Mini size and compact structure design make handheld operation more easily.

    Electric Screwdriver Specification

    Model T-GH-10 T-GH-15 T-GH-20 T-GH-25
    Input Voltage DC 30V
    Torque Range 1-10 2-15 3-20 5-25 0.88-8.8 1.76-13.2 2.64-17.6 4.34-21.7
    N.m 0.1-1 0.2-1.5 0.3-2 0.49-2.45
    Torque Accuracy ±3%
    Torque Adjustment stepless
    Torque Adjustment Mode back stop screw/internal debugging
    Start Method hand press/downward press
    No-load Speed 1000rpm
    No-load Current 0.3A
    Weight 430g
    Applicable Bit Ф5, H5, H6.35
    Applicable Screw Diameter (mm) Mechanical Tooth 2.0-3.0 2.3-3.5 2.6-4.0 2.6-5.0
    Self-tacking Tooth 1.6-2.6 2.0-3.0 2.0-3.0 2.6-4.5

    Power Controller Specification

    Input Voltage AC 100V-250V
    Output Voltage DC 30V
    Output Current 5A
    External Dimension 137.5*76*32mm
    Weight 260g


    • The brushless electric screwdriver has professional torque adjustment, more accurate torque setting and higher torque accuracy.
    • The brushless electric screwdriver is specially designed for screw assembly automation equipment. With signal output, it is the best selection for screw assembly automation equipment manufacturers.
    • Power adapter provides dual voltage 110V~250V working environment, convenient and safe to use.
    • Low vibration, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, energy saving and environmental protection, especially suitable for dust-free working environment.

    Brushless Electric Screwdriver Dimension Drawing

    Dimension Drawing of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 10/15/20/25 kgf

    Torque Curve Diagram

    Torque Curve Diagram of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 10/15/20/25 kgf

    Tips: Circuit detection and analysis for brushless electric screwdriver.

    When a brushless electric screwdriver fails and the cause is unknown, do a preliminary inspection first.

    • Set the multimeter to (×1k) position and adjust to zero, turn on (press) micro switch, and measure DC resistance of the input terminal. It is about 15k under normal circumstances. For digital multimeter, adjust it to the test diode, and voltage drop display is about 1.0. This value indicates that part circuit of the electric screwdriver is working properly.
    • Another way to detect circuit is to open the brushless electric screwdriver and short-circuit the two poles of motor. Under normal circumstances, the measured DC resistance value of input terminal is slightly smaller than the preliminary measured value (the motor DC resistance value is not included in calculation).
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    Damia | 7/26/2021 3:40 AM
    Very useful product
    I like this brushless electric screwdriver! I looked for several torque screwdriver tools. This one seems to be the best. This tool can do almost everything in installation projects. It has a nice torque range with a fine adjustment. I enjoy its size and portability. Moreover, it works so quietly and has low vibration. Just what I needed to repair my car.