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    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 35/45 kgf

    Electric screwdriver for high torque, no carbon brush. Adjustable torque range 10-35 or 15-45kgf for selection. Accuracy ±3%, adjustable no-load speed 650rpm. Applicable bit H6.35. Input voltage DC-30V. Excellent quality and competitive price.
    SKU: T-ETSD-GI35
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    Electric Screwdriver Specification

    Model T-GI-35 T-GI-45
    Input Voltage DC 30V
    Torque Range 10-35 15-45 8.68-30.38 13.02-39.06
    N.m 0.98-3.43 1.47-4.41
    Torque Accuracy ±3%
    Torque Adjustment stepless
    Torque Adjustment Mode back stop screw
    Start Method hand press type
    No-load Speed 650rpm
    No-load Current 0.3A
    Weight 616g
    Applicable Bit H6.35
    Applicable Screw Diameter (mm) Mechanical Tooth 2.6-4.2 2.6-5.0
    Self-tacking Tooth 2.6-3.5 2.6-4.2

    Power Controller Specification

    Input Voltage AC 100V-250V
    Output Voltage DC 30V
    Output Current 10A
    External Dimension 152.7*86.3*43.5mm
    Weight 388g


    • Adopts brushless motor, powerful performance, high stability and long service life. Gear assembly is directly stamped from high-quality alloy steel, more durable and more stable.
    • Stop device uses a magnetic induction system, high sensitivity. Instant braking, low impact force, not easy to damage after long-term use.
    • Low vibration, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, energy saving and environmental protection, especially suitable for dust-free working environment.
    • Professional torque adjustment, more accurate torque setting and higher torque accuracy.

    Dimension Drawing of Brushless Electric Screwdriver

    Dimension Drawing of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 35/45 kgf

    Torque Curve Diagram

    Torque Curve Diagram of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 35/45 kgf

    Tips: How to adjust torque of brushless electric screwdriver?

    1. Torque adjustment design of brushless electric screwdriver is mainly composed of motor, gear box and clutch device. Only when the three parts are proportioned together, can the screwdriver be adjusted to proper torque value.
    2. To adjust to the proper torque value, first calculate the required torque value. Through the reduction gear box, use different sizes of gears for different ratios, and then calculate, and finally a torque value can be obtained. Among them, in the case of keeping the big gear unchanged and the motor gear enlarged, the gear ratio will become smaller. Otherwise, it will increase. Generally, the smaller the gear ratio, the faster the electric screwdriver. In this time, the torque will become smaller. The faster the rotation, the greater the torque.
    3. Adjust torque through clutch device. Brushless electric screwdriver has a torque adjustment ring. It can adjust torque by extending and retracting the torsion spring.
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