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    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 1/2/3 kgf

    Brushless electric screwdriver for sale. Adjustable torque, range can select 0.1-1/0.2-2/0.3-3 Accuracy ±3%, no-load speed 1000rpm. Applicable bit φ4. Input voltage DC 25V. Affordable price and high quality.
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    Brushless electric screwdriver has stepless torque adjustment and high precision. It is a handheld electric screwdriver with mini size. Best power screwdriver for small range torque.

    Electric Screwdriver Specification

    Model T-GBX-1 T-GBX-2 T-GBX-13
    Input Voltage DC 25V
    Torque Range 0.1-1 0.2-2 0.3-3 0.085-0.85 0.17-1.7 0.255-2.55
    N.m 0.01-0.1 0.02-0.2 0.03-0.3
    Torque Accuracy ±3%
    Torque Adjustment stepless
    Torque Adjustment Mode back stop screw
    Start Method hand press type
    No-load Speed 1,000rpm
    No-load Current 0.3A
    Weight 210g
    Applicable Bit φ4
    Applicable Screw Diameter (mm) Mechanical Tooth 1.0-1.6 1.0-1.8 1.0-2.0
    Self-tacking Tooth 1.0-1.7 1.0-2.0 1.0-2.3

    Power Controller Specification

    Input Voltage AC 100V-250V
    Output Voltage 25V
    Output Current 2A
    External Dimension 108.6*60*33mm
    Weight 133g


    • The brushless electric screwdriver adopts brushless motor, power cord is designed with silicon wire anti-hardening three-core wire. Powerful performance, high stability and long service life.
    • Low vibration, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, especially suitable for dust-free working environment.
    • Brushless electric screwdriver has accurate torque setting, high torque accuracy, especially suitable for screw assembly work of high-precision products such as mobile phones and digital cameras.
    • Stop device in the brushless electric screwdriver uses a magnetic induction system, high sensitivity. Instant braking, low impact force, not easy to damage after long-term use.

    Brushless Electric Screwdriver Dimension Drawing

    Dimension Drawing of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 1/2/3 kgf

    Torque Curve Diagram

    Torque Curve Diagram of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 1/2/3 kgf

    Tips: Precautions for using brushless electric screwdriver.

    1. Before plugging in the power supply, make sure that the switch is off and check whether power supply voltage is suitable. When the brushless electric screwdriver is not used or the power is cut off, unplug the plug.
    2. Do not set the torque adjustment of brushless electric screwdriver too large.
    3. When replacing the head of brushless electric screwdriver, be sure to pull power plug away from socket and turn off the power of electric screwdriver.
    4. Do not throw, drop or hit brushless electric screwdriver during use.
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    Noah | 10/22/2020 2:48 AM
    Like the electric screwdriver
    The electric screwdriver I bought is great. It has a built-in magnetic induction stop device with high sensitivity. I don't need to turn it off manually, and it will stop automatically. This function is tailor-made for me, because I usually forget to turn off the electricity because I am too busy at work, which wastes a lot of electricity. This time I don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the electric screwdriver.