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    Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 3/5/12 kgf

    Good price electric screwdriver for sale, no carbon brush. Adjustable torque, 0.3-3/0.5-5/2-12 optional. ±3% accuracy, 1000rpm no-load speed adjustable. Applicable bit φ4 and φ5. Input voltage DC 30V. High precision, with torque protection.
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    Electric Screwdriver Specification

    Model T-GES-3 T-GES-5 T-GES-12
    Input Voltage DC 30V
    Torque Range 0.3-3 0.5-5 2-12 0.260-2.604 0.434-4.340 1.736-10.416
    N.m 0.029-0.294 0.049-0.490 0.196-1.176
    Torque Accuracy ±3%
    Torque Adjustment stepless
    Torque Adjustment Mode internal debugging
    Start Method hand press type
    No-load Speed 1000rpm
    No-load Current 0.3A
    Weight 350g
    Applicable Bit φ4, φ5
    Applicable Screw Diameter (mm) Mechanical Tooth 1.0-2.3 1.0-2.6 2.0-3.0
    Self-tacking Tooth 1.0-2.0 1.0-2.3 2.0-2.5

    Power Controller Specification

    Input Voltage AC 100V-250V
    Output Voltage DC 30V
    Output Current 2A
    External Dimension 137.5*76*32mm
    Weight 260g


    • Conical pen design, hand-held operation, clear line of sight, convenient and flexible installation and disassembling. Gear assembly is directly stamped from high-quality alloy steel, more durable and more stable.
    • Professional torque adjustment, more accurate torque setting and higher torque accuracy.
    • Built-in magnetic induction stop device, high sensitivity, instant braking, low impact force, long-term use is not easy to damage.
    • Low vibration, low noise, low electromagnetic interference, energy saving and environmental protection, especially suitable for dust-free working environment.

    Dimension Drawing of Brushless Electric Screwdriver

    Dimension Drawing of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 3/5/12 kgf

    Torque Curve Diagram

    Torque Curve Diagram of Brushless Electric Screwdriver, Torque 3/5/12 kgf

    Tips: Specification measurement standard for brushless electric screwdriver electronic components.

    • Power cord: Measure the DC resistance value, the normal value is close to zero. Common faults: open circuit or poor contact (broken).
    • Micro switch: measure the resistance between normally open (resistance approaches infinity) and normally closed (resistance approaches zero). Common faults: poor contact (burning black), buttons cannot be reset normally, and the body is broken.
    • Protector: measure resistance, the normal value is zero. It can automatically reset after a slight overload, and it will be permanently invalid when it is too large. Thermal protector can also be disconnected in case of high temperature, and it can be automatically reset after normal temperature.
    • Rectifier bridge: Short-circuit the output terminals (+, -) and measure DC resistance of the output terminals (+, -).
    • Positive and negative switch: the pin corresponding to toggle button is a common pin. The two gears corresponding to toggle button are interlinked.
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