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    Desktop CNC Engraver Machine, 300 x 400 x 90mm

    CNC engraver machine for sale. Engraving area 300 x 400 x 90mm, thickness 120mm, spindle motor power 800W/1500W for selection, speed 50-4000mm/min. Engraving/carving for metal, wood, plastic, PVC, etc. Competitive price and high quality.
    SKU: T-CEGM-3040
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    The CNC engraver machine has small size and portable desktop design. Suitable materials include metal, stone, wood and soft materials such as plastic, PVC, PCB, acrylic, etc.


    Model T-CNC-3040
    Working Area 300*400*90mm (12*16*3.5 inch)
    Power Supply AC 110V/220V
    Spindle Power 800W, 1500W
    Motor 57 type 76 length stepper motor
    Driver Independent drivers
    Material Feed Height 120mm
    Table Size 360*560cm
    Control System Mach3/DSP/Ncstudio
    Working Speed 50-4000mm/min
    Working Accuracy 0.03-0.05mm
    Warranty 6 months
    Packing Weight 62 kg

    Applications of Desktop CNC Engraver Machine

    1. Engraving and milling on PVC, acrylic, double color board, engineering plastic, solid wood and soft metal materials.
    2. Processing graphite electrodes. Engraving/carving for PCB circuit boards, wood models/molds, and handicrafts.
    3. Drilling and milling on plastic boxes, aluminum alloy cases, and panels that do not exceed the specified specifications.
    4. 3D engraving, drilling and milling for metal materials such as aluminum alloy and copper at a low feed rate.
    5. Use the engraver machine as a simple 3D CNC workbench, such as experimental laser engraving/carving, CNC dispensing, CNC positioning, metal (nameplate) marking, etc.
    6. Suitable for industry, technology development, advertising design, art creation, teaching and DIY enthusiasts.

    Dimension Diagram

    Dimension Diagram of 3040 Desktop CNC Engraver Machine

    Configurations of Desktop CNC Engraver Machine

    1. Power cable*1
    2. Data cable*1
    3. Open wrench*2
    4. Tool setting gauge*1
    5. Allen wrench*8
    6. Water pump*1
    7. Plastic tool box*1
      (cutter*8 included)
    8. U-disk*1

    Configurations of 3040 Desktop CNC Engraver Machine

    Tips: How to solve the three axes failure of desktop CNC engraving machine?

    1. One of the X, Y, and Z axes cannot move. At this time, check whether the drive block corresponding to the unmovable axis is damaged. Inspection method can use a replacement method: unplug the aviation connector corresponding to the unmovable axis, and plug it into the drive corresponding to the other movable axis.
    2. After the exchange, if the unmovable axis activity is normal, it means that the drive block corresponding to the axis has been damaged, replace a new one. If the unmovable axis still does not move, it means that the cable or motor is faulty and needs to be replaced. If none of the three axes can move, check whether the connection between three axes aviation plugs and the control box is intact, whether the power of control box is turned on, and whether data cable is connected to the control box and the host computer control card. If the above is normal, please contact the manufacturer.
    3. CNC engraving machine spindle cannot operate normally. Check the error code displayed on the LED display of frequency converter (see the error code item in the frequency converter manual).
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    Whipple | 4/12/2021 8:18 AM
    The best 300 x 400 x 90mm desktop CNC engraving machine
    This 300×400×90mm desktop CNC engraving machine is great. We use it to engrave all kinds of craft products. It is easy to use and accurate in engraving. It is recommended for those who like to engrave.