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    Desktop CNC Engraver Machine, 600 x 400 x 120mm

    Desktop CNC engraver machine for sale. Engraving capacity 400 x 600 x 120mm, thickness 150mm, optional spindle motor power 800W/1500W, working speed 50-4000mm/min. Industrial grade, engraving and cutting for metal, wood, plastic, PVC, acrylic and other materials.
    SKU: T-CEGM-6040
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    The CNC engraver machine with ideal price and multifunction. Not only can be used for engraving and carving, but also for cutting.


    Model T-CNC-6040
    Working Area 600*400*120mm (24*16*5 inch)
    Power Supply AC 110V/220V
    Spindle Power 800W, 1500W
    Motor 57 type 76 length stepper motor
    Driver Independent drivers
    Material Feed Height 150mm
    Table Size 480*840cm
    Control System Mach3/DSP/Ncstudio
    Working Speed 50-4000mm/min
    Working Accuracy 0.03-0.05mm
    Warranty 6 months
    Packing Weight 122 kg

    Applications of Desktop CNC Engraver Machine

    1. Engraving, milling and cutting on PVC, acrylic, double color board, solid wood plate and soft metal materials.
    2. Engraving/carving on PCB, wood models/molds and handicrafts.
    3. Drilling and milling on plastic boxes, aluminum alloy cases and panels that do not exceed the specified specifications.
    4. 3D engraving, drilling, milling and cutting for metal materials such as aluminum alloy and copper at a low feed rate.
    5. Use the engraver machine as a simple 3D CNC worktable, in experimental laser engraving/carving, CNC dispensing, CNC positioning, metal (nameplate) marking, etc.
    6. Suitable for industrial/commercial use, technology development, advertising design, art creation, teaching and DIY enthusiasts.

    Dimension Diagram

    Dimension Diagram of 6040 Desktop CNC Engraver Machine

    Configurations of Desktop CNC Engraver Machine

    1. Power cable*1
    2. Data cable*1
    3. Open wrench*2
    4. Tool setting gauge*1
    5. Allen wrench*8
    6. Water pump*1
    7. Plastic tool box*1
      (cutter*8 included)
    8. U-disk*1

    Packing List of 6040 Desktop CNC Engraver Machine

    Tips: Common troubleshooting for desk CNC engraver machine.

    • When opening software, the computer prompts: Failed to open the card, please check the card.
    1. Check if the driver of board card is installed well, or change a PCI slot for board card.
    2. Reinstall the two data cables and check whether there is any broken needle.
    3. There is a problem with board card, replace a new one.
    • The sending software cannot be opened normally, and the engraved material is deformed.
    1. Reinstall the new system and software.
    2. Check whether the X and Y axis screw rods and screws are loose.
    3. There is a problem with the engraving cutter, replace it with the correct one.
    • Misalignment or wrong size occurred during engraving.
    1. Check whether the path of engraving software is correct.
    2. Check gap size of the screw rod and whether the fastening screw of polished rod is loose.
    3. Check whether the software parameter settings are correct.
    • When the X-axis travels for a certain period of stroke, the Z-axis does not lift cutter, or the stroke is reversed.
    1. Check whether the Z-axis motor is operating normally, power and driver current, or its own failure.
    2. Check whether the Z-axis motor cable has poor contact or intermittent disconnection.
    • There is a limit phenomenon during engraving process.
    1. Check whether the engraving path exceeds the engraving range.
    2. Soft-limit is set in the software parameter setting.
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    William | 11/27/2020 5:38 AM
    Very satisfied after-sales service
    The engraving machine I bought has a problem. I provided photos and videos to the merchant. They provided me with a new engraving machine. I am very satisfied and appreciate the merchants for promptly providing correct solutions to my problems.