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    Long Nose Pliers, 6 inch/8 inch

    Best long nose pliers for bulk sale, selectable 6 inch or 8 inch in sizes. Designed with drop forged CR-V steel jaw with induction hardened cutting edges for good duribility and rust resistant, long thin jaws with a pointed tip for working in confined spaces, comfortable anti-slip TPR handle for soft grip and long time working.
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    Heavy duty long nose pliers are constructed with chrome vanadium steel body with TPR plastic handle, featuring long tempered jaws with induction hardened cutting edges, for durable, comfortable and easy work, best pliers for gripping, twisting and cutting wire, cable and small metal work components.


    Model T-GSQ-C T-GSQ-D
    Size * 8 inch 6 inch
    Material Chrome vanadium steel jaw + TPR handle
    Overall Length 205mm 167mm
    Jaw Length 65mm 53mm
    Weight 213g 150g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimemsion Drawing

    • T-GSQ-C Long Nose Pliers

    8-inch Long Nose Pliers Dimensions

    • T-GSQ-D Long Nose Pliers

    6-inch Long Nose Pliers Dimensions



    Long nose plier is a commonly used clamp tool. It is mainly used to cut single-stranded and multi-stranded wires with thinner wire diameters, as well as to bend ring for single conductor and strip plastic insulation layer. Long nose pliers can be operated in a narrow working space. Those without a blade can only clip, and pliers with blade can cut small parts. It is one of the commonly used tools for electricians, especially in assembly and repair work.


    Tips: What are long nose pliers?

    The long nose pliers is a kind of commonly used cutting tool, which is composed of a pointed tip, a cutting edge and a plastic handle. The material is generally 45# steel which is medium carbon steel and has carbon content of 0.45%. The toughness hardness are appropriate. The long nose pliers are mainly used to cut the single or stranded wires with thin diameter, as well as to bend the single strands of wire connector, strip plastic insulation, etc. The long nose pliers are able to operate in a relatively narrow work space. The long nose pliers without cutting edge can only grip the parts while the pliers with cutting edge can cut small parts. The long nose pliers is one of the typical tools using the lever principle. It is generally operated with one hand. When used, hold the two handles of the needle-nose pliers and start gripping or cutting work. It is one of the common hand tools for an electrician, especially inside equipment assembly and repair work.

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    Thomas | 7/20/2021 9:48 AM
    High quality long nose plier
    I really like this 6 inch long nose plier. I was pleasantly surprised at how good this plier is compared to my old one. It's a good size for me as it fits well in my hand. Moreover, the nose can work more easily in small areas. It is durable too. I've been using it for a week, and it's still sharp. I am very satisfied with the quality and value.