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    Water Pump Pliers, 8 inch/10 inch/12 inch

    Buy affordable price tongue and groove pliers, or water pump pliers in bulk, two types of materials of pliers jaw, carbon steel and CR-V steel, to meet household and professional needs. Both kinds of groove-joint pliers includes sizes of 8 in., 10 in. and 12 in. and the jaw capacity is adjustable with hardened teeth, easy and durable to use.
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    High quality water pump pliers at low price for wholesale. 8 inch / 10 inch / 12 inch tongue and groove pliers comes with two types, carbon steel jaw and chrome-vanadium steel jaw, to meet your different requirements. The tongue and groove pliers features light weight, hardened materials, adjustable jaw, soft-grip handle, best for the installation and maintenance of automobiles, internal combustion engines, agricultural machinery and indoor pipes.


    Model T-SBQ-H8 T-SBQ-H10 T-SBQ-H12 T-SBQ-P8 T-SBQ-P10 T-SBQ-P12
    Size * 8 inch 10 inch 12 inch 8 inch 10 inch 12 inch
    Jaw Material Carbon Steel CR-V Steel
    Handle Material Plastic handle TPR handle
    Overall Length 200mm 250mm 306mm 200mm 250mm 300mm
    Grip Width 46mm 56mm 60mm 48mm 58mm 67mm
    Max. Jaw Capacity (One-hand Operation) 35mm 35mm 45mm 35mm 35mm 45mm
    Max. Jaw Capacity (Two-hand Operation) 68mm 75mm 95mm 64mm 70mm 96mm
    Weight 238g 414g 596g 280g 450g 650g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimemsion Drawing

    Tongue and Groove Pliers Dimension Diagram

    Tips: What is water pump pliers? And how to use it?

    Water pump pliers, also called tongue-and-groove pliers, a type of slip-joint pliers, work like pipe wrenches, but it is more light and compact and easy to use. Generally, the water pump pliers is more suitable for the family or non-professional usage or simple installation of water pipe. Of course, the holding force of water pump pliers is not as good as pipe wrenches. Water pump pliers are generally used to hold flat or cylindrical metal parts, nuts & bolts, pipes, etc. The main characteristics are that the jaw opening can be adjusted to the position to meet the needs of holding parts of different sizes. Water pump pliers are commonly used hand tools for installation and maintenance of automobiles, internal combustion engines, agricultural machinery and indoor pipes.

    Before using the water pump pliers, check the tool for cracks and whether the screws on the shaft are loose; if the tool is messy, you can wash it with clean water, but after washing, you must pay attention to wipe it with cotton and wipe it with oil and cotton yarn. The purpose of doing this is to prevent the tool from rusting. When using the water pump pliers, it is necessary to make sure that the jaw part of the pliers is in contact with the material, and then slide the pliers shaft to adjust the size to match, and then use it to tighten or loosen the pipe fitting and pipe collar.

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    Judy | 7/23/2021 2:20 AM
    Perfect adjustable plier
    I did plenty of research to look for a pair of adjustable pliers. Finally, I chose this carbon steel material 10 inch water pump plier. For the price, this one is an absolute steal. It's a breeze to use for my water pipe connection work in the house. One of the features I like is that it can adjust the jaw capacity to 35mm. So the plier is suitable for home use of water pipes.