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    Lineman's Pliers, 6 inch/8-1/2 inch

    Favorable price Lineman's pliers or Linesman pliers for wholesale, kind of combination pliers, 6-inch or 8-1/2 inch in size, high quality chrome vanadium steel construction, hardened cutting edge, high-leverage TPR anti-slip handle wtih ergonomic design, ideal lineman's pliers for durability, comfortable and long time working with less fatigue.
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    Wholesale Lineman's pliers online at good price. 6-inch or 8-1/2 inch Linesman pliers features drop forged CR-V steel body, hardened cutting edge and ergonomic non-slip TRP plastic handle, ensuring high durability, comfortable grip, and easy working. High-leverage Lineman's pliers are suitable for gripping, twisting and cutting component pins, soft copper wire, soft iron wire, injection flash, electronic circuit welding and trimming, etc.


    Model T-GSQ-A T-GSQ-B
    Size * 8-1/2 inch 6 inch
    Material Chrome vanadium steel jaw + TPR handle
    Overall Length 215mm 167mm
    Jaw Length 33mm 28mm
    Weight 385g 224g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimemsion Drawing

    • T-GSQ-A Linesman Pliers

    8-1/2-inch Lineman Pliers Dimensions

    • T-GSQ-B Linesman Pliers

    6 inch Lineman Pliers Dimensions

    Tips: Lineman's pliers or combination pliers materials and sizes

    Combination or lineman’s pliers, are commonly used hand tools, mainly used to bend and twist cylindrical metal parts and cut metal wire, its side edge can also be used to cut fine metal wire. The two ways of jaw protection are black or chrome plated surface treatment and equipped with plastic cover. It is very commonly used in craft, industry and life.

    Generally, the linesman pliers can be made from 4 materials, namely chromium vanadium steel, nickel chromium steel, high carbon steel and ductile iron. The chromium-vanadium steel and nickel-chromium steel are high-hardness and good-quality, which are the best, followed by the carbon steel, the ductile cast iron is less and the price is the cheapest.

    Common lineman’s pliers are mainly 6 ", 7 "and 8". An inch is approximately equal to25 millimeters, 7-inch (175 mm) linesman pliers are good fit for a person in 170mm height while the 8-inch pliers are more powerful but a little bulky. 6-inch combination pliers are smaller, so it takes a little more effort to cut a slightly thicker wire, and the 5-inch combination pliers are mini pliers.

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    Gerald | 9/27/2020 2:58 AM
    I like the handle of this pliers
    This is the best pliers I have so far. I am a collector and I like to collect pliers, so I have several brands of pliers. It uses a high-lever TPR non-slip handle, which is ergonomic and comfortable to use. I like its handle very much.