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    Diamond Core Drill Machine, 150mm, 1800W

    Concrete hole drill with good price works with 2000 r/min no-load speed, 1800 watt available in 50Hz / 60Hz, 110V / 220V / 240V system, vertical use to cut up to 150mm (6 inch) holes in reinforced concrete, brick and other instruction materials.
    SKU: T-DCDM-150
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    Delivery date: 6-12 days

    Wholesale diamond core drill rig price is competitive and its quality is high, it comes with 1800W electric power, 2000 r/min working speed, 15-150mm drilling diameter, is a multipurpose tool for construction workers. 


    Model Number T-155E
    Power Source electrical power
    Drill Type diamond core drill, core drill
    Drilling Range 15-150mm
    Max. Drilling Diameter 150mm
    Rated Voltage 110V / 220V / 240V
    Rated Frequency 50-60Hz
    Rated Input Power 1800W
    No-load Speed 0-2000 r/min
    Dimensions 470*130*380mm
    Characteristics portable & vertical dual use
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 7.5Kg / 9.0Kg
    CE pass
    Package single item
    Package Size 470*130*380mm
    Package Type large carton box 
    Application reinforced concrete, rocks, brick, stone, ceramics, glass and fire-proof materials


    1. Advantages:The device uses bulit-in and outside ajustable friction clutch and is designed with soft starting as well as overcurrent protection so it is characterized by flexible mobility, economy and durablity, safety and reliability.
    2. Application:Diamond core drilling machine is a new tool which can be used to drill holes on reinforced concrete, rocks, brick, stone, ceramics, glass and fire-proof materials, is widely used in construction quality inspection, airport runway construction, building installation, the installation of water, electricity, heat and gas and contruction of railway, bridges and tunnel. 


    Diamond core drill machine details

    Diamond core drill machine 400mm details

    Diamond core drill machine 400mm details



    Power Plug Selection

    (Note: Power plug can be customized based on your local machine standards.)

    Core drill plug

    Tips: Top advantages of diamond core drilling machine

    1. Speed up drilling operation to cut down on labour cost. The core drill works with high no-load speed and is designed to drill through materials of any hardness including reinforced concrete masonry, assorted brick and block as well as other types of rock.
    2. Provide precise cutting holes. The diamond core drill can make holes of both small and large diameter (15-500mm). Contractors use this technique to create clean and precise holes for ducting and larger pipe installation.
    3. Get rid of dust and reduce debris on the work site. The vibration is not transmitted to surrounding structures, keeping them from any damage during the core drilling operation.
    4. Reduce noise on work site. The portable core drill is equipped with electric motor, soft starting and overcurrent protection, which can provide noiseless operation.
    5. It is cost-effective. The diamond core drilling machine provides high quality, factory price and free shipping and it can save time and money for users to make holes at any angle-vertically, horizontally and angle-wise.


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