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    Introduction of Pet Feeders

    With the rapid development of the socio-economic level, the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, and the pet industry has also developed. As problems such as the closedness and individualization of the urban living continue to emerge, the ways of leisure, pastime and emotional sustenance in people’s lives have also shown a diversified development. Keeping pets has become a new way of urban life and pastime. More and more people keep pets, and the types of pet feeders are also increasing, such as hourglass automatic feeder, mechanically controlled automatic feeder, electronic automatic feeder.


    Because people's work and study are very busy, when they go out for a long time, there will be a big problem in the supply of pets' food and water. Especially when people are on business trips or vacation, they cannot take good care of their pets in time, so pets’ diet often becomes a major problem that plagues people. At this time, the use of smart feeders is very necessary. It plays a positive role in the intelligentization of homes. While improving life fun and efficiency, it also reduces people’s worries about travel.

    Types of Pet Feeders:

    Hourglass Automatic Feeder

    This feeder does not mean that it looks like an hourglass, but the food outlet of the feeder uses the hourglass principle. When the food outlet is cleaned by the pet, the food storage box immediately replenishes it. This type of feeder cannot be fed regularly and quantitatively, and cannot be used for a long time. It can only guarantee feeding for two or three days at most.

    Hourglass automatic feeder

    Mechanically Controlled Automatic Feeder

    Mechanical automatic feeder is an automatic feeder based on the hourglass type, which uses a mechanical timing device at the exit to open the feeding mouth or the lid of the box regularly. This kind of feeder does not need electricity and batteries, and can only feed once or twice.

    Mechanically controlled automatic feeder

    Electronic Automatic Feeder

    The electronic automatic feeder is based on a mechanical type. The food outlet is controlled by an electronic device (electronic alarm clock, time relay, PLC, etc.). Food outlet is opened and closed regularly, or the food is pushed into the food box. This type of feeder needs to be powered by electricity or batteries, and can be set for multiple timing and quantitative feeding. Most of the automatic feeders on the market belong to this type of product. Depending on which electronic device is used, its functions can be simple or rich.

    Electronic automatic feeder

    Smart Automatic Feeder

    Combined with smart devices, smart automatic feeder can automatically adjust the feeding formula and amount according to the identification data by recognizing the weight and appearance of the pet. After a pet is fed, it will not be fed again within the set time, and those who have not been fed can be fed. So it can avoid malnutrition caused by pets fighting for food. You can also check the pet’s eating at any time through the Internet, and automatically judge its health through this situation. If the pet has an abnormal situation, you can automatically or manually contact the veterinarian to deal with it.

    Smart automatic pet feeder

    Functions of Smart Automatic Feeder:

    • The remote networking. We can control the feeder through the mobile phone, and can also view and set the number and time of feeding, voice, video, etc. Not only that, we can hear the pet’s sound from the feeder on the phone, and the mobile phone has a manual feeding function.
    • The user can remotely watch the camera scene and take pictures.
    • Recording and playback functions. Users can record and play recordings by operating the feeder buttons, or record and play remotely via mobile phones.
    • Timing function. The user can set the timing and action settings of the feeder through the mobile phone.

    Features of feeder


    Intelligent function design. The design of the pet feeder is based on the needs of people to keep pets, and solves the problems of pets' diet and drinking. The pet feeder has an independent food storage tank and equipped with a regular feeding function. The feeding time of the pet can be set in advance. Through this, it can help pet develop a good habit of regular and quantitative diet. At the same time, we can use mobile phone app to realize the remote control of pet feeder, which solves the problem that people don’t have time to take care of pets. Taking into account the cleaning problem, the automatic feeder adopts a structure design that is easy to disassemble, which is convenient for the cleaning and maintenance of the feeder, and it adopts an energy-saving design and has a long battery life. Even if the owner is out for a short time, there is no need to worry about the pet's diet.

    Miniature design. The design of a pet feeder not only pay attention to smart and practical, but also attractive in appearance. In terms of styling design, focusing on people’s aesthetic needs, taking full consideration of factors such as space and environment, giving pet feeders a compact and mini shape. And using soft warm colors, through delicate surface treatment, make the product feel comfortable and give people a neat and beautiful sensory experience. In addition, the small and mini pet feeder not only saves space, but also plays a role of beautiful decoration, which really makes people feel happy.

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