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    Automatic Pet Feeder Price List

    Automatic pet feeder is a food dispenser with some smart functions, such as timed feeding, quantitative feeding, WIFI connection, camera monitor, etc. When you leave home for work or appointment and don't have time to feed your dog or cat, the automatic pet feeder can dispense food to your pet according to a preset schedule. Automatic pet water fountain allows your pet to drink water autonomously.

    In market, gravity pet feeder is a common type of dog food dispenser with the simplest function, its price is relatively low. The food is stored in the funnel, the food is poured into the connected bowl by gravity, and the bowl is refilled with the food when the bowl is empty. This is not suitable for dogs who are prone to overeating.

    Benefits of the Automatic Pet Feeder

    • Automatic pet feeder makes it easier to manage pets in homes with multiple pets.

    People with a few cats or dogs often struggle to keep them in harmony during feeding. In this case, you can feed the timid puppy or kitten before leaving in the morning, and then set the automatic pet feeder to provide food for other pets in about an hour.

    • Automatic pet feeder can feed cats and dogs regularly.

    If your pet is a puppy or kitten with sensitive stomachs, it is best to feed on a regular schedule. Automatic pet feeder has a timed feeding function, no need to arrange the time according to the clock and reschedule your day according to the puppies' meal time.

    • Automatic pet feeder prevents your dog from eating too much food too quickly.

    Automatic pet feeder can be set to release a certain amount of food at each time point. A 6-meal automatic pet feeder divides the food into 6 portions. According to the set time, it opens only one bowl at a time for dog to eat. This may be the best way to let your dog eat slowly and help reduce the chance of the dog suffering from digestive diseases.

    • Automatic pet feeder allows you to interact with dogs/cats who stay home alone.

    Smart automatic pet feeder has a recording function, which can play voice regularly to call dog/cat to eat. Smart automatic pet feeder with camera provides you and your dog/cat with the function of video call or voice call. This automatic pet feeder is smart and can controlled by mobile APP, but price is higher.

    You can buy the bestĀ automatic pet feeder and automatic pet water fountain online, with affordable cost. After reaching a certain order quantity, you can enjoy a discount at the wholesale price.

    Automatic Pet Feeder Price List

    Product Name SKU Food Storage Volume Optional Functions Price
    2.5L Smart Automatic Pet Feeder with WIFI T-APF-25 2.5L - $99.08
    4L/6L Smart Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera/WIFI T-APF-46 4L Camera $201.23
    WIFI $130.47
    Bluetooth $112.00
    Button $105.85
    6L Camera $219.70
    WIFI $139.70
    Bluetooth $121.23
    Button $115.08
    7L/9L Smart Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera/WIFI T-APF-79 7L Camera $222.77
    WIFI $155.07
    Bluetooth $136.61
    Button $119.69
    9L Camera $232.00
    WIFI $161.23
    Bluetooth $142.77
    Button $127.38
    4L Smart Automatic Pet Food & Water Feeder T-APF-6FW 4L Camera $133.53
    WIFI $107.38
    6-Meal Smart Automatic Pet Feeder T-APF-6M 6*128mL - $64.92

    Automatic Pet Water FountainĀ Price List

    Product Name SKU Water Storage Volume Optional Functions Price
    1.9L Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Cat and Dog T-APF-19W 1.9L - $64.15
    3L Automatic Pet Water Fountain for Cat and Dog T-APF-3W 3L APP Control $129.85
    No APP Control $74.46
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