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    45° Deburring/Chamfering Machine with Mill Cutter

    Deburring/chamfering machine uses side mill cutter for working. Chamfering angle 15°~45°, power supply 380V, motor power 550W, chamfering range 0~3 mm or R1-R4 angle/C3 angle, corresponding speed 2800rpm/3000~6000rpm adjustable.
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    The deburring/chamfering machine uses side milling cutter for cutting, and the cemented carbide (tungsten steel) square blade is easy to replace. It is also possible to use old blades used by milling machines. Maximum chamfering angle is 45°.


    Model T-CFM-R300 T-CFM-R300D
    Chamfering Range 0~3 mm R1-R4/C3
    Chamfering Angle 15°~45° 15°~45°
    Rated Voltage 380V 380V
    Motor Power 550W 550W
    Speed 2800rpm 3000~6000rpm
    Dimension 53.5*38.5*30cm 40*30*22cm
    Warranty 1 year 1 year
    Weight 38 kg 27 kg


    • Deburring/chamfering machine is suitable for batch processing of unheated workpieces, such as various molds and mechanical parts. Precise chamfering and good surface roughness.
    • No clamping, simple operation, regular chamfering, economical and reliable, and greatly improve efficiency.
    • The deburring/chamfering machine model T-CFM-R300D can chamfer the R angle and C angle.

    Chamfering Effect Diagram

    Chamfering Effect Diagram of Milling Cutter Chamfering Machine

    Structure Diagram of Deburring/Chamfering Machine with Mill Cutter


    Structure Diagram of Milling Cutter Chamfering Machine ATO-CFM-R300


    Structure Diagram of Milling Cutter Chamfering Machine ATO-CFM-R300D


    Accessories of Milling Cutter Chamfering Machine

    Tips: What is a chamfering machine?

    Chamfering machine is a small precision machine tool specially used for chamfering. It can also used in deburring for the products processed by milling and planing. Chamfering machines are commonly used in mold manufacturing, hardware machinery, machine tool manufacturing, hydraulic parts, valve manufacturing, textile machinery and other industries.

    Chamfering machine solves the problems of irregular angle, rough slope, and loud noise in the operation process of flame cutting, grinder grinding, etc. It has the advantages of simple operation, standard angle and smooth surface. Chamfering machine is currently the best choice for chamfering and cutting metal workpiece.

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    Keena | 9/27/2020 3:37 AM
    The chamfering machine is easy to use
    The use of this chamfering machine is too simple and beginners like me can easily learn it. It uses a side milling cutter for cutting and its blades are easy to replace. You can also use old blades used by milling machines. This is an awesome product, I recommend you to buy it soon.