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    45° Portable Deburring Chamfering Machine

    Portable deburring and chamfering machine, hand-held use. Chamfering angle 15°~45°, chamfering range 0~3 (6) mm or 0~9mm, motor power 250W/750W, rotating speed 2800rpm or 3000~6000rpm for selection. Functional electric chamfering tool with good price.
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    The portable machine is an electric chamfering tool combines chamfering and deburring functions in one, chamfering range is 15°~45°, small size and convenient for use.


    Model T-CFM-R200 T-CFM-R200A
    Chamfering Range 0~3 (6) mm 0~9mm
    Chamfering Angle 15°~45° 15°~45°
    Rated Voltage 380V 380V
    Motor Power 250W 750W
    Speed 2800rpm 3000~6000rpm
    Dimension 38*24*24.5cm 38*24*24.5cm
    Warranty 1 year 1 year
    Weight 13 kg 13 kg

    Application: The portable deburring/chamfering machine is suitable for large workpieces of any length, unheated and not easily moved, such as chamfering in the manufacturing process of various molds and mechanical parts. In addition, it is also suitable for batch processing of small workpieces, deburring for metal pipes, metal plates, molds, and mold frames, and manufacturing of mechanical equipment and hardware parts, etc.

    Portable Deburring/Chamfering Machine Structure Diagram

    Portable Deburring/Chamfering Machine Structure Diagram


    Accessories of Portable 15°~45° Deburring/Chamfering Machine

    Chamfering Demonstration

    When operating, hold the slide rail against workpiece and cut in the direction indicated by arrow.

    Chamfering Demonstration of Portable Deburring/Chamfering Machine

    Tips: How to ensure safety when operating portable deburring/chamfering machine?

    1. Before starting, check whether the protective cover of chamfering machine is intact and fastened. Check whether tool movement direction and workbench feed direction are correct.
    2. When starting to work, fix the workpiece on sucker workbench with both hands, and then start cutting. According to length of the workpiece, control foot switch.
    3. If milling tool is passivated, stop machine to replace the blade, and pay attention to retreat the tool before stopping. When stopping, stop blade feeding first, then stop the spindle.
    4. It is strictly forbidden to touch tool tip and iron filings by hand when working. Use an air gun (or brush) to remove chips on machine bed surface and milling cutter. When removing chips, stop the machine.
    5. During work, it is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or in any other way.
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    Lucky | 9/10/2020 1:01 AM
    One question for your chamfering machine
    How to install the chamfering machine?
    A manager responded to this review
    First, we use a jack to lift the body from the center of the machine to the base, about 5 cm above the ground. Place the four screws on the footing on the ground and then release the jack. Connect the power cords to the wiring board of the matching electrical box. Install the guide groove and limit plate. Do not install air pressure source before manual test.