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    Straight/Curve Chamfering Machine, 15°~45° Adjustable

    Chamfering machine can chamfer and deburr the straight and curved edges of metal workpieces. Chamfering angle is 15°~45° and the angle of straight part is adjustable. Chamfering range of straight is 0~3mm and that of curve is 0~2.5mm. 3-phase high speed motor provides 750W power, curve part speed can be up to 12000rpm.
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    Model T-CFM-R800B
    Chamfering Range Straight Curve
    0~3mm 0~2.5mm
    Chamfering Angle Straight Curve
    15°~45° 15°~45°
    Speed Straight Curve
    8500rpm 12000rpm
    Rated Voltage 380V
    Motor Power 750W
    Dimension 53*44*69CM
    Warranty 1 year
    Weight 68KG


    • The chamfering machine can chamfer and deburr straight edges and curves (outer circle, inner hole, waist hole) of products. It can replace the CNC machining center to process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary chamfering tools.
    • Different types of milling cutters can be used to chamfer metal parts of different materials. Blade replacement uses a special wrench, simple and convenient to operate.
    • Chamfer size of straight part can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0~3mm, and angle can be adjusted from 15° to 45°.
    • Applicable materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy, etc.

    Chamfering Effect

    Chamfering Effect of Straight/Curve Chamfering Machine

    Structure Diagram of Straight/Curve Chamfering Machine

    Structure Diagram of Straight/Curve Chamfering Machine

    Applicable Materials

    Applicable Materials of Straight/Curve Chamfering Machine


    Accessories of Straight/Curve Chamfering Machine

    Tips: Precautions for using straight/curve chamfering machine.

    1. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble or adjust the chamfering machine, let alone touch the rotating tool axis with your hands.
    2. The straight/curve chamfering machine uses 380V power supply with grounding protection device. When repairing and maintaining electrical components and circuits, must cut off power and operate it by professionals.
    3. It is strictly forbidden for the workpiece to collide with workbench, and do not start under load. In chamfering process, workpiece should rotate smoothly and uniformly in strict accordance with the specified moving direction. The size of workpiece should ensure that it can be controlled by hand and not fall into workbench notch.
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