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    45° Deburring/Chamfering Machine, Semi-Automatic

    Semi-automation deburring and chamfering machine for sale. Chamfering angle 45°, adjustable chamfering range 0~3mm, straight chamfer type, power supply 3-phase 380V 550W, rotating speed 8000rpm. Slide rail design, high speed and precision.
    SKU: T-CFM-R8H
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    The deburring/chamfering machine is a semi-automatic electric tool, applicable range hardness<HRC30°, plate thickness>2mm, chamfer size≤C3 angle.


    Model T-CFM-R800H
    Chamfering Range 0~3mm
    Chamfering Angle 45°
    Rated Voltage 380V 50Hz
    Motor Power 550W
    Speed 8000rpm
    Dimension 74*49*66cm
    Warranty 1 Year
    Weight 71 kg

    Note: It is better to keep the grinding amount at 2mm each time.


    • Work skateboard of the deburring/chamfering machine is made of high-quality die steel, which has hard chrome plating on the surface, low friction and durable.
    • If the length of adjustment workpiece is large, quick fixture can be adjusted according to demand.
    • Leakage protection switch, overload leakage protection, protect safety for deburring/chamfering machine and personal.

    Structure Diagram of Semi-Automatic Deburring/Chamfering Machine

    Structure Diagram of Semi-Automatic Chamfering Machine

    Tips: Daily maintenance for deburring/chamfering machine.

    1. After each use, clean the iron filings remaining on deburring/chamfering machine in time to keep the machine clean.
    2. Pay attention to the tightness of belt and adjust if necessary.
    3. Frequently check whether the fastening screws of each part are loose.
    4. Bearing on tool axis should be lubricated once every 6 months.
    5. If blade is worn or damaged, adjust the blade, use other cutting edges to rotate a certain angle, and then firm it. If cutting edges on all four sides of the blade are worn out, replace them with new ones.
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    Maroudas | 11/19/2020 2:57 AM
    A chamfering machine that can be used safely
    A few days ago, our chamfering machine factory had a big leakage accident, but there were no casualties, and the chamfering machine was not damaged. The reason is that the chamfering machine we bought has a leakage protection switch and overload leakage protection, can well protect the safety of chamfering machine and personnel.