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    5 Inch Angle Grinder, 10000 rpm, 5.5~11-Amp

    Good price electric angle grinder for sale. Wheel disk size 5.0 in (125mm), no-load speed 10000 rpm, power supply 11A for 110V, 5.5A for 220V. Hand-held, portable, high efficiency.
    SKU: T-AGGD-551
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    Model T-CF-AG019
    Wheel Disk Diameter inch 5
    mm 125
    No-load Speed 10000 rpm
    Voltage 110V/220V
    Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
    Rated Power 1200W
    Rated Current* 110V 10.9-Amp
    220V 5.5-Amp
    Accessories 1 metal cutting wheel, 1 wrench, 1 handle, 1 carbon brush, 1 wheel guard
    Weight 3kg

    *Note: Rated current = Rated power√∑Rated voltage


    • Metal grinding & polishing
    • Metal cutting
    • Wood grinding & cutting
    • Wood cutting
    • Ceramic tile cutting

    Structure Diagram of Electric Angle Grinder

    Structure Diagram of 5-in Angle Grinder, 4A~13A

    Grinding Wheel Replacement for Angle Grinder

    1. Press the spindle lock button, use a wrench to unscrew the upper pressing piece.
    2. Put in grinding wheel, and then put in the upper press piece.
    3. Tighten the upper pressing piece with a wrench.

    Grinding Wheel Replacement for Angle Grinder


    Tips: Troubleshooting for angle grinder commutator producing ring fire or large sparks.

    1. Armature is short-circuited. Repair the armature.
    2. Poor contact between electric brush and commutator. Replace carbon brush.
    3. Commutator surface is not smooth. Remove debris and make commutator surface smooth and clean.

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