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    5 Inch Angle Grinder, 11500 rpm, 4~9.5 Amp

    Competitive price electric angle grinder for sale. Diameter of grinding disk 5 inch (125mm), no-load speed 11500 rpm, power supply 8.2-Amp or 9.5-Amp for 110V, 4.1-Amp or 4.8-Amp for 220V. Hand-held, portable, excellent quality.
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    Angle grinder has a grinding disk of 5 inch (125mm) diameter. It is the best tool to grind, cut or polish materials such as wood, metal, ceramic tile and so on. The electric angle grinder features small size, compact structure, high power, multifunctional and low price.


    Model T-CF-AG005 T-CF-AG004
    Grinding Disk Diameter inch 5
    mm 125
    No-load Speed 11,500 rpm
    Voltage 110V/220V
    Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
    Rated Power 900W 1,050W
    Rated Current* 110V 8.2A 9.5A
    220V 4.1A 4.8A
    Accessories 1 metal cutting wheel, 1 wrench, 1 handle, 1 carbon brush, 1 wheel guard
    Weight 3kg

    *Note: Rated current = Rated powerĂ·Rated voltage

    Angle Grinder Functions

    • Metal grinding & polishing
    • Metal cutting
    • Wood grinding & cutting
    • Wood cutting
    • Ceramic tile cutting

    Angle Grinder Application

    Angle Grinder Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 5-in Angle Grinder, 4A~13A

    Tips: Daily maintenance for angle grinder.

    1. Frequently check whether power cord is firmly connected, whether plug is loose, and whether switch action is flexible and reliable.
    2. Check whether electric brush is excessively worn. Electric brush should be replaced in time to prevent excessive sparks or burning armature due to poor contact of the brush.
    3. Pay attention to check whether inlet and outlet of the angle grinder are blocked, and remove oily and dust from any part. Add grease in time.
    4. Two quick ways to check whether angle grinder is defective. One is visual inspection, directly observes with eyes whether there are cracks or other problems on angle grinder surface. The second is to tap angle grinder lightly with a mallet, inspect the inside of it. If there is a crisp sound, it means that there is no problem with angle grinder. If it is other sound, it means there is a problem.
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