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    7, 9 Inch Angle Grinder, 6000/8600 rpm, 13.5~27A

    Affordable price electric angle grinder for sale. Diameter of grinding wheel disk can select 7-in (180mm) or 9-in (230mm), optional no-load speed 6000 rpm or 8600 rpm, power supply 27.3 Amps for 110V, 13.6 Amps for 220V. Hand-held portable, excellent quality.
    SKU: T-AGGD-79127
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    Model T-CF-AG015
    Wheel Disk Diameter inch 7, 9
    mm 180, 230
    No-load Speed 6000 rpm, 8600 rpm
    Voltage 110V/220V
    Frequency 50Hz~60Hz
    Rated Power 3000W
    Rated Current* 110V 27.3A
    220V 13.6A
    Accessories 1 metal cutting wheel, 1 wrench, 1 handle, 1 carbon brush, 1 wheel guard
    Weight 3kg

    *Note: Rated current = Rated power÷Rated voltage


    • Metal cutting
    • Metal grinding & polishing
    • Ceramic tile cutting
    • Wood cutting
    • Wood grinding & cutting

    Application of Angle Grinder

    Structure Diagram of Electric Angle Grinder

    Structure of 7, 9 Inch Angle Grinder, 6000/8600 rpm, 13.5~27 Amps

    Tips: How to deal with angle grinder electric leakage?

    Common electric leakage parts of angle grinders: stator, rotor, brush holder. In addition, damage to internal wires can also cause electric leakage.

    1. Remove electric brush to determine whether stator, brush holder and internal wires has leakage.
    2. Disconnect the connecting wire between stator and brush holder to determine whether brush holder has leakage.
    3. Independently measure whether the rotor has leakage.

    If rotor and brush holder has electric leakage, they can only be replaced. If stator has electric leakage, it can be rewinded or replaced.

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