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    How to Use Charcoal Grills?
    Cover the grill's lid if necessary: Hot dogs, hamburgers and other food intended for fast cooking can be grilled without a lid. If you have any food for slow cooking, such as boned chicken or loin chops, just cover the lid on the grill. In doing so, indirect heat is increased to help cook food thoroughly. If you need to cook food for a long time, you should add new charcoal every 30 or 60 minutes. Don't lift the cover frequently to check your food because it will lead to heat loss.
    How to Clean a Grill
    To clean the grill with greater ease, you should mix vinegar, lemon juice, and a sauce containing soy sauce for marination and sprinkling. Next, place all cleaning tools near the barbeque tool so that they can be used more conveniently and faster. Meanwhile, it also helps to develop the habit of cleaning the grill after using it. You'd better smear the barbeque sauce with ketchup a few minutes before food is taken out of the oven to reduce the workload of scrubbing. Prepare a piece of tin foil if you have no brush suitable for cleaning the grill. Firstly, fold the tin foil paper into a ball with a 3cm diameter, clamp the grill with a food clip, and scrub it bit by bit. Next, scrub another metal strip after cleaning one. The grill should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year.