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    How to Use Charcoal Grills?

    The charcoal grill is a tool for grilling ingredients. It consists of ironworks that are spread over the fire to cook ingredients.

    Barbequing is not only an interesting but also a tasty cooking method popular in four seasons. Although the charcoal grill cannot be used as easily as a gas grill, it makes food more delicious. How to use a grill safely? The following part summarizes the right way to use a grill. Hopefully, it will be of any help to you.

    1. Prepare the charcoal and put it in the oven. If you can find a fill line on your oven, it may serve as a guide. Basically, the charcoal oven is a metal cylinder with a grating at the bottom and a hole and handle on the lateral side. After placing charcoal in the oven, you can light it safely. Next, pour well-prepared charcoal into the gridiron.

    2. Prepare your ignition device: Firstly, pick up a piece of paper, roll it into a ball, dip it in vegetable oil, and place it below the grating at the bottom of the chimney.

    3. Spread a layer of charcoal on food that requires fast cooking: Lift the grating of the grill and gently pour charcoal into theĀ charcoal grill. Food like hotdogs, hamburgers, and vegetables are baked fast. It is necessary to spread a layer of charcoal on the grill evenly.

    4. Alternatingly set two heating zones for food that requires slow cooking: It takes a long time to cook food like boned chicken, roast meat, and loin chops. Thus you can pour charcoal into the grill and pushed them aside to create an indirect heating zone. In doing so, food can be thoroughly cooked without being burned.

    Application of charcoal grill

    5. Add more wood chips to enhance the smell of smoke. Before placing food on the grill, you should place one or two handfuls of wood bits over the charcoal fire. This step lengthens the time for food to contact smoke and enables you to get the full-bodied flavor you desire. Next, use only food-grade wood chips, which can be found in any place selling barbecue utensils. Hickory wood, mesquite, and applewood are all very popular. Lastly, soak wood bits in pure water before grilling to help them burn more slowly and enhance food flavors.

    6. Place food on the grill while it is hot. Firstly, wait for one minute until the grill becomes hot before placing food on the grill, so that all food can be grilled well without sticking together. Next, place food that becomes easily done over the charcoal and food that requires a long time of cooking near the charcoal to receive indirect heat. Lastly, brush a bit of oil on the grill to prevent food from sticking.

    7. Cover the grill's lid if necessary: Hot dogs, hamburgers and other food intended for fast cooking can be grilled without a lid. If you have any food for slow cooking, such as boned chicken or loin chops, just cover the lid on the grill. In doing so, indirect heat is increased to help cook food thoroughly. If you need to cook food for a long time, you should add new charcoal every 30 or 60 minutes. Don't lift the cover frequently to check your food because it will lead to heat loss.

    8. Adjust the grill's ventilation door to control heat. If you are grilling a steak, you can open the ventilation door to raise the temperature. To grill food such as loin chops or vegetables with a low temperature, you can just close the ventilation door. Opening the ventilation door enables charcoal to burn hotter because more oxygen is blown in. By comparison, shutting the ventilation door only causes the opposite effect.

    9. Stop using the grill after barbequing and get rid of oven ashes. Firstly, cover the grill lid and wait for everything to cool down. Once the grill is cooled, scoop out all oven ashes and place them in the metal bucket or basin. Soak the bucket or basin in water for a night and dump all ashes afterward.

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