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    How to Clean a Grill

    If you are fond of grilling food by yourself, you should know how important it is to clean food debris on the grill. Apart from cleaning the grill each time after using it, you need to clean the oven thoroughly every year. In doing so, you can not only raise the quality of barbequed food and prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying but also lower the likelihood of fire hazards.

    Scrub grills made of stainless steel and cast iron

    1. Select a stainless grill: The brush for scrubbing a stainless grill should have soft hair to avoid damaging the grill's surface. You can select either from a cylinder brush or straight-hair brush. Although both brushes have a perfect cleaning effect, the lateral side of the grating will be cleaned more easily with a cylinder brush.

    2. Heat the grill: Heating melts grease that sticks to the grill and makes cleaning an easier task. Firstly, adjust the grill's temperature to the highest level and operate for ten to fifteen minutes. Or turn the temperature to 260 ~320 ℃ and turn off the oven.

    3. Scrub the grill: Firstly, start scrubbing the first metal strip of the grill back and forth. Keep scrubbing it until all grease and food debris are removed. Next, clean the remaining part of the grill in the same manner.

    4. Smear vegetable oil on the grill: Soak a towel in the container with vegetative oil until it absorbs at least one teaspoon of oil. Next, clamp the towel with a food clamp and scrub each metal bar. These steps aim to prevent the grill from rusting. The oil applied to the grill should not exceed one teaspoon. If some food scraps remain burning below the grill and the towel contains too much oil, oil drops may trigger a sudden flame in the oven.Charcoal grill picture

    Deep cleaning of the grill

    1. Soak the grill in the solution containing vinegar. First, prepare a garbage bag or container large enough to pack the grill. Next, pour a cup of vinegar and two cups of baking soda into the container. Afterward, soak the grill in a garbage bag or container for one night. If the grill is soaked in the garbage bag, the bag's mouth should be tightly bounded with a rubber band. If the grill is soaked in a container, its lid should be closed tightly.

    2. Take out the grill and rinse it: Loosen the rubber band or take away the lid, take the grill out of the solution, and rinse it with a hose connected to the tap. Most food debris stuck to the grill can be washed away.

    3. Brush off the remaining dirt when necessary. To clean a ceramic grill, you should brush with a nylon brush gently. If the grill is made of cast iron or stainless steel, it should be brushed gently with a stainless steel wire brush.

    4. Rinse the grill and dry it: Firstly, rinse the grill with a water hose. Next, dry the water on the grill with a towel made of superfine fiber. Lastly, place the grill back to where it was stored.

    To clean the charcoal grill with greater ease, you should mix vinegar, lemon juice, and a sauce containing soy sauce for marination and sprinkling. Next, place all cleaning tools near the barbeque tool so that they can be used more conveniently and faster. Meanwhile, it also helps to develop the habit of cleaning the grill after using it. You'd better smear the barbeque sauce with ketchup a few minutes before food is taken out of the oven to reduce the workload of scrubbing.

    Prepare a piece of tin foil if you have no brush suitable for cleaning the grill. Firstly, fold the tin foil paper into a ball with a 3cm diameter, clamp the grill with a food clip, and scrub it bit by bit. Next, scrub another metal strip after cleaning one. The grill should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year.

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