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    How to Use Hydraulic Crimping Tools?
    Hydraulic crimping tool, also called hydraulic crimping pliers or crimper, is a hand-held hydraulic tool for crimping cables, lugs, terminals or connectors. This article will introduce the use methods for hydraulic crimping tool and the main points of daily maintenance.
    Hydraulic Crimping Tools Price List
    Hydraulic crimping tool is a hand-held machine, similar in appearance to pliers, so it is also called hydraulic crimping pliers. In China, Hydraulic crimping tools are used to crimp various copper/aluminum terminals, or connect (or crimp) cable lugs to the ends of wires. Hydraulic crimping tool is driven by hydraulic system, it applies pressure on the terminal or cable lug to press it against the wire to complete the connection between lug and wire. For the power industry in China, hydraulic crimping tools are necessary tools for conducting wire splicing and crimping during line infrastructure construction and line maintenance. Here we provide the best hydraulic crimping tools from China. The following price list listing a series of hydraulic cable wire crimping tools with 8 dies, 9 dies, 10 dies etc., for use with a wide range of wires 4-70mm², 10-240mm², 16-300mm², etc. For more details, please visit the corresponding product page.