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    How to Use Hydraulic Crimping Tools?

    Hydraulic crimping tool, also called hydraulic crimping pliers or crimper, is a hand-held hydraulic tool for crimping cables, lugs, terminals or connectors. This article will introduce the use methods for hydraulic crimping tool and the main points of daily maintenance.

    How to Use Hydraulic Crimping Tool to Crimp a Connector?

    1. First, pull out the rod of hydraulic crimping tool as much as possible. Put the crimping dies into the crimping head and make the crimping surfaces of the upper and lower molds face each other.
    2. Refit the rod to the head of hydraulic crimping tool.
    3. Place the cable and terminal between the two crimping dies.
    4. Push in towards the fixed handle, make sure that the handle is closed, turn the screw clockwise to tighten. Then pull out the handle until the lower die just touches the upper die.
    5. Make sure that the terminals and cables are placed correctly. Then pull the handle until the terminal is firmly crimped.
    6. After the crimping is completed, turn the screw counterclockwise to loosen the plunger and return the crimping dies to their original position.
    7. When removing the crimping assembly, tighten the steering screw to prevent the hydraulic piston from leaking.

    How to use hydraulic crimping tools?


    1. While crimping, make sure to not crimp the dies together past the point of initial contact. Placing excessive force on crimping dies and hydraulic piston will damage the hydraulic crimping tool.
    2. Do not drop or damage the crimping head.
    3. Keep the hydraulic crimping tool away from gas, acid, or alkali.
    4. Ensure the hydraulic crimping tool has sufficient, clean hydraulic oil in the piston before operation.
    5. Use the hydraulic crimping tool in a clean working environment.
    6. After crimping, apply a small amount of anti-rust grease on the crimp head.
    7. Do not disassemble at will.
    8. Only the qualified personnel can use the hydraulic crimping tool.

    Hydraulic Crimper Head Operation Steps

    Hydraulic crimper head is a hydraulic crimping tool that needs to be used with hydraulic pumps.How to use a hydraulic crimper tool?

    • Install the crimping die on hydraulic crimping tool. Push the mold release button, install the upper die on the top of tool head, and place it in the middle position, then release the button.
    • Push off the crimping die release pin and install the lower die on the bottom of the hydraulic crimping tool head. Split pins will hold the die in place.
    • The head of hydraulic crimping tool can be rotated 180°. Adjust it to any position as needed so that the operator can see the crimping dies and crimping process. Note that the tool head cannot be rotated when there is hydraulic pressure in the system.
    • Connect hydraulic crimping tool to hydraulic pump, ready for the first crimping.
    • Shake the pump handle until the crimping dies are closed or the bypass valve starts to start (at this time, a clicking sound can be heard and the force required to close the handle is weakened). If the crimping dies cannot be seen clearly, continue to shake the pump handle until the bypass valve starts to work. If crimping dies cannot be closed, it may be caused by the following reasons:
      a) The crimping work exceeds the capacity of this hydraulic crimping tool.
      b) The pressure of hydraulic pump does not reach the rated pressure.
      c) The size of crimping dies selected is incorrect.
    • Relieve system pressure. Rotate the pump handle counterclockwise. When the pump is in the open position and moves to the closed position, hold the handle. Please keep your fingers away from crimping dies and crimping head during operation.
    • Slide the hydraulic crimping tool to the lower bite position and slightly overlap the previous crimping position as required.

    Daily Maintenance for Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    • When crimping dies is not installed to the hydraulic crimping tool, do not shake the pump to close the jaws. Otherwise, excessive pressure will be applied to the jaws, which may cause cracks or damage to the jaws. If the jaws are closed due to negligence without crimping die, you can no longer continue to shake the pump to apply pressure. In this case, loosen the M8 screw first, and then release the pressure.
    • Keep the hydraulic crimping tool clean. Avoid dust or metal particles, especially the hydraulic crimping tool head, crimping dies and clamp head.
    • Check the oil level of the hydraulic crimping tool regularly, and use the pure oil recommended in product manual. Do not mix various brands or types of oil, otherwise it will damage the oil seal of the hydraulic crimping tool.

    How to use a hydraulic crimping tool?
    How to Fill Oil to Hydraulic Crimping Tool?

    1. First release the pressure from the hydraulic crimping tool.
    2. Remove the handle by turning it counterclockwise.
    3. Turn the head of hydraulic crimping tool upside down and keep it in a vertical position.
    4. Shake the handle several times to release the pressure. Repeat this step several times. In this way, air bubbles mixed in the hydraulic system can be discharged.
    5. Keep the handle in the closed position and carefully remove the cylinder cover, because air bubbles may still remain at the end of the cylinder.
    6. Refill the hydraulic oil into hydraulic crimping tool and cover the cylinder cover.
    7. Squeeze the cylinder with your fingers and check if there are needle holes in the cylinder. If oil leakage is detected, replace the cylinder with a new one.
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