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    Hydraulic Crimping Tools Price List

    Hydraulic crimping tool is a hand-held machine, similar in appearance to pliers, so it is also called hydraulic crimping pliers. In China, Hydraulic crimping tools are used to crimp various copper/aluminum terminals, or connect (or crimp) cable lugs to the ends of wires. Hydraulic crimping tool is driven by hydraulic system, it applies pressure on the terminal or cable lug to press it against the wire to complete the connection between lug and wire. For the power industry in China, hydraulic crimping tools are necessary tools for conducting wire splicing and crimping during line infrastructure construction and line maintenance.

    The main material of thick wire is metal, and it is impossible to deform it for crimping by manual force alone. In order to solve this dilemma, the hydraulic crimping tool is designed to apply deformation force to terminal or thick cable to achieve connection. The applied force ranges from 6 to 20 tons, and can even reach 55 tons.

    Hydraulic crimping pliers are used together with crimping dies. The crimping dies have a variety of sizes, usually semi-circular, suitable for terminals or metal cables with different widths. The number marked on each mold is a multiple of ten, such as 240mm², 300mm², 400mm² and so on. Smaller numbers, such as 4 mm² and 16 mm², are mainly used for crimping wires or metal cables with smaller diameters. When buying hydraulic crimping tools in China, crimping dies are usually included in the packing list and stored in tool box, which has affordable price and convenient use.

    In China, common hydraulic crimping tools include hand crimpers, hydraulic crimpers and electric crimpers. Hand crimpers rely on manual operation and are suitable for smaller wires. Hydraulic crimpers are driven by the built-in hydraulic system or split hydraulic pump, it can be used to crimp thick metal wires or cables. For Electric crimpers, the most popular type is battery powered crimping tools (driven by rechargeable batteries), which are very suitable for heavy-duty work that requires more power. It is light and portable, can be operated with one hand, price is relatively high.

    Hydraulic Crimping Tools & Crimping Pliers

    Here we provide the best hydraulic crimping tools from China. The following price list listing a series of hydraulic crimping tools with 8 dies, 9 dies, 10 dies etc., for use with a wide range of wires 4-70mm², 10-240mm², 16-300mm², etc. For more details, please visit the corresponding product page.

    Hydraulic Crimping Tools Price List

    Product Name SKU Crimping Range Crimping Die Quantity Crimping Force Price
    Hydraulic Crimping Tool, 4~70mm², 8 Dies T-HCPT-YQK 4~70mm² 8 8 Ton $96.69
    10~120mm² 8 8 Ton $100.15
    16~240mm² 10 12 Ton $123.61
    160~300mm² 11 12 Ton $128.92
    Hydraulic Crimping Tool, 10~240mm², 10 Dies T-HCPT-SZY 10~240mm² (Low speed) 10 12 Ton $148.31
    10~240mm² (High speed) 10 12 Ton $154.46
    10~300mm² 11 13 Ton $197.23
    Hydraulic Crimping Pliers, 16~300mm², 11 Dies T-HCPT-HT 16~300mm² 11 6 Ton $479.69
    16~300mm² 11 12 Ton $529.31
    16~400mm² (stroke 32mm) 9 12 Ton $560.77
    16~400mm² (stroke 38mm) 9 12 Ton $672.54
    Hydraulic Crimping Pliers, 16~240mm², 10 Dies .T-HCPT-QZD 16~240mm² 10 11 Ton $482.08
    16~300mm² 11 11 Ton $532.00
    16~400mm² 9 11 Ton $581.93
    Hydraulic Crimping Pliers, 16~400mm², 9 Dies T-HCPT-EP 16~400mm² 9 12 Ton $484.77
    16~300mm² 9 12 Ton $484.77
    16~400mm² 9 13 Ton $531.54
    10 Ton Hydraulic Crimper Head, 16~300mm² T-HCPT-CO 16~300mm² 11 10 Ton $99.85
    16~240mm² 10 16 Ton $110.47
    13 Ton Hydraulic Crimper Head, 50~400mm² T-HCPT-EP13 50~400mm² 9 12 Ton $259.92
    50~400mm² (stroke 38mm) 9 13 Ton $293.38
    50~400mm² (stroke 42mm) 9 13 Ton $447.23
    25~55 Ton Hydraulic Crimper Head, 16~1000mm² T-HCPT-FYQ 16~400mm² 12 25 Ton $262.08
    16~500mm² 13 25 Ton $274.23
    150~630mm² 7 35 Ton $400.77
    400~1000mm² 6 55 Ton $678.46
    12 Ton Hydraulic Crimper Head, 50~400mm² T-HCPT-HHY 16~240mm² 10 10 Ton $378.31
    50~400mm² 9 12 Ton $529.62

    Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tools Price List

    Product Name SKU Crimping Range Crimping Die Quantity Crimping Force Battery Price
    6 Ton Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool T-HCPT-300 16-300mm² 11 6 Ton 18V, 3.0Ah $912.46
    12 Ton Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool T-HCPT-400 16-400mm² 12 12 Ton 18V, 3.0Ah $1,063.08
    3 Ton Battery Powered Hydraulic Pipe Crimper, 6 Dies T-HCPT-1550 - 6 3 Ton 18V, 3.0Ah $1,526.85

    Hydraulic Crimping Tools Operation Steps

    1. Before using the hydraulic crimping tool, check whether the terminal to be crimped meets the wire specifications.
    2. Choose suitable crimping dies. For example, if the size of the terminal to be crimped is 400mm², select the upper mold and lower mold of 400mm².
    3. Put the crimping dies into piston and mold holder.
    4. Tighten the oil inlet and oil return switch of the hydraulic crimping tool clockwise, and shake the handle repeatedly. Observe crimping dies. When the upper mold and the lower mold touch one position, the crimping is completed.
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