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    Classify of Air Wrench

    Air wrenches mainly use compressed air as the power to operate. Some of them are equipped with devices for adjusting and limiting torque, which are called automatic adjustable torque type (referred to as automatic air wrench), and some of them do not have the the adjusting devices, but only use the switch knob to adjust the size of air intake to control the speed or torque, which are called semi-automatic non-adjustable torque type (referred to as semi-automatic air wrenche).

    • Semi-automatic air wrench
    1. Air wrenches that are free to control and stop running after reaching the set torque are called semi-automatic pounding air wrenches. For example, this 1/2" Air Impact Wrench is designed to be hand-pressed and equipped with a hammer inside for screw locking.
    2. Semi-automatic air wrenches are usually simple in structure and durable, but without torque control, usually used for large screws and locking with self-controlled torque, such as: motorcycles, automobiles, ships, steel structures, etc.

    1/2" air impact wrench

    • Automatic air wrench
    1. Air wrench that can brake and stop running completely automatically after the set torque is reached are called automatic air wrenches.
    2. The structure of fully automatic air wrenches is relatively complicated, which is composed of motor, clutch, deceleration, closed air brake and other devices. It is usually used in small screws and locking torque requirements are more strict, such as: electronic appliances, home appliances, etc.
    3. Hand-press type air wrench operation start mode needs to use fingers to press the start lever, or pressure plate button, etc.
    4. The start mode of the downward-pressing electric wrench operation does not need to use fingers to press the start lever, or the lever button, etc. It can be started by pressing down directly on the workpiece.

    The above is all about the classification of air wrenches, has more styles of air wrenches as well as practical tools for you to pick, if you have any questions about the products you can leave us a message in the comment section or contact us, we will give you the best answer and service!

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