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    2.56 Inch Electric Jig Saw, 2.4A

    Best Electric jig saw for sale. Cutting capacity 2.56 inch (65mm) for wood, 8mm for steel. Bevel cutting 45°~0°~45°, power supply 230V 2.4A or 240V 2.3A, optional variable speed 0-3000 rpm. Semi-professional use, high quality with low price.
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    Electric jig saw can cut 2.56 inch wood or 0.3 inch steel, applicable materials include wood, plastic and metal. It has compact structure and small size, easy for handheld operation. Low price, suitable for DIY, novice and professional woodworking.


    Model T-JS0018A T-JS0018B
    Rated Voltage 230V 50Hz, 240V 60Hz
    Input Power 550W
    Rated Current 2.4A, 2.3A
    No-Load Speed 3000 rpm 0-3000 rpm
    Variable Speed no yes
    Cutting Capacity Wood: 2.56 inch (65mm)
    Steel: 8mm
    Bevel Cutting Range -45°~0°~45°
    Stroke Distance 20mm
    Weight 3 kg


    • Compact structure, small size and lightweight for handheld easily.
    • Electric jig saw has 4 pendulum action settings for fast cutting in different materials.
    • T-shank blade, high efficiency. Dust extraction, environmental protection and safety.

    Electric Jig Saw Dimensions & Details

    Dimension Drawing of 2.56-In Electric Jig Saw, 2.3 Amp  Details Diagram of 2.56-In Electric Jig Saw, 2.3 Amp

    Saw Blade Installation for Electric Jig Saw

    1. Open the quick chuck button.
    2. Insert the saw blade.
    3. Release the button, installation is complete.

    As shown in the following diagram.

    Saw Blade Installation of 2.56-In Electric Jig Saw, 2.4A

    Guide Ruler Installation for Electric Jig Saw

    1. Loosen the screws on guide ruler position.
    2. Insert guide ruler.
    3. Tighten the screws.

    As shown in the following diagram.

    Guide Ruler Installation of 2.56-In Electric Jig Saw, 2.4A

    Tips: What is the role of electric jig saw?

    • Electric jig saw is mainly composed of universal motor, reduction gear, reciprocating rod, balance plate, bottom plate, switch, and speed regulator, etc.
    • Working principle: The motor is reduced by gears. The eccentric roller sleeve on the big gear drives the reciprocating rod and saw blade to reciprocate for sawing.
    • According to various curves (or straight lines), electric jig saw can be used to cut geometric figures with a smaller radius of curvature on various types of plates. Using saw blades with different teeth, it can cut wood, metal, plastic, rubber, leather, cardboard, etc. Electric jig saw is widely used in automobile, shipbuilding, wooden mold, furniture manufacturing, setting and advertising processing, etc.
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    Rami | 10/20/2020 5:59 AM
    Great jig saw
    Before I bought the jig saw, I did an in-depth research on it, and I also found a lot of manufacturers for comparison. Finally, I still think that the jig saw from is the best. It cuts smoothly and cuts well. It is also very helpful for my work, I like it very much.