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    3.15-In Electric Jigsaw, 3.5A

    Affordable price electric jigsaw for sale. Portable hand-held. Cutting capacity 3.15 inch (80mm) for wood, 10mm for steel cutting, bevel cutting range -45°~45°, rated voltage 230V 3.5A or 240V 3.3 A, variable speed 0-3000 rpm. Semi-professional use, ideal cost performance.
    SKU: T-EJS-31533
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    Model T-JS009B
    Rated Voltage 230V 50Hz, 240V 60Hz
    Input Power 800W
    Rated Current 3.5A, 3.3A
    No-Load Speed 0-3000 rpm
    Cutting Capacity Wood: 3.15 inch (80mm)
    Steel: 10mm
    Bevel Cutting Range -45°~0°~45°
    Stroke Distance 20mm
    Weight 3 kg


    • Best electric jigsaw for woodworking, high power, compact structure, easy to operate.
    • 4 pendulum action settings for different cutting materials.
    • Dust extraction function, blow away sawdust in time, make the cutting orbital clear and ensure cutting accuracy.

    Dimension Drawing of Electric Jig Saw

    Dimension Drawing of 3.15-In Electric Jigsaw, 3.3-Amp  Details of 3.15-In Electric Jigsaw, 3.3-Amp

    Saw Blade Installation

    1. Use Allen wrench to unscrew the screw.
    2. Insert saw blade and tighten screws, complete installation.

    Saw Blade Installation of 3.15-In Electric Jigsaw, 3.5A

    Angle Adjustment

    Angle Adjustment for 3.15-In Electric Jigsaw, 3.5A

    1. Unscrew the hexagon socket screws.
    2. Adjust to the required angle.
    3. Tighten the hexagon socket screws.

    Tips: How to use electric jig saw for curve cutting?

    • Straight saw blades and jig saw blades are not the same.
    • If the radius of the curve to be cut is small, use a saw blade with a narrower width.
    • If the cutting point is in the middle of sheet material, it needs to first drill a hole with drill bit before cutting.
    • Use electric jig saw for curve cutting, use the 1st gear with lowest speed.
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